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Zanskar Sani Hospital Solar Power Pack Installation


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Zanskar Sani Hospital Solar Power Pack Installation

  1. Solar Power Pack Installation, the silk route in 12 days…
  2. Date: 25-05-2008. Camera purchase in Delhi for recording this project
  3. Route UP: Auroville Delhi Manali Leh Kargil Zanskar Down: Zanskar (Jos treked to manali) kargil Srinagar Jammu Delhi Auroville
  4. Date: 11-06-2008. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi 5am departure for Manali with equipment by Jeep not Tonga
  5. Jammed and breathing diesel near Delhi
  6. Stopped by red-tape. We have system papers but the driver doesn’t have permit for interstate taxi operation. Rs.3000 fine !!!
  7. One of many tea stops. Jos has consumed some suspicious sweets.
  8. Date: 12-06-2008. Night halt was in Manali and departure 12th morning.
  9. Near Manali, Rishi’s camera captures all the beauty…
  10. … on closer look with the new camera we see the tourist traffic jammed most probably all the way back to Manali.
  11. More kms. more jams New camera stops functioning!!
  12. Halt at police check posts
  13. Local road repair crews. Beyond this point no local people were used by BRO
  14. Ladhakian driver. Hardly ate. Lived on tambaccoo.
  15. Date: 12-06-2008. Nearing the Rhotang pass at 13000 +feet
  16. Still nearing the Rhotang pass at 13000 +feet
  17. Tourist spot !!! Lays, pepsi  … Rhotang pass at 13000 +feet
  18.  Sledge rides, Yak rides, Slide rides on tubes at 13000 ft. !!!
  19. We are happy anyway
  20. Jos continues to consume …border-line bananas.
  21. Amazing lone lady rider
  22. No let-up on the bouncing
  25. Army everywhere
  26. BRO crew. Most probably from Haryana or MP. Security reasons?
  27. Their accomodations.
  28. SWH
  30. Left to right: Beenu, Hemant, Jos, Rishi
  37. We managed this crossing easy but got stuck in deep sludge next morning along with the Hyundai car and had to be pulled out by a passing van.
  38. Nicely rotting-smelly bananas
  39. But Jos would not allow them to be thrown out.
  41. Breather
  42. Date: 12-06-2008. No record for many hours as we were totally dead at 5000+mts. after Taglangla pass. <ul><li>Towards evening we got stuck due to a wide overflowing river across the road. </li></ul><ul><li>No option but to wait in almost freezing temperature inside jeep till next morning for the level to go down. </li></ul>
  44. Date: 13-06-2008. Jos… and a toilet roll. Rishi sleeping inside >>>
  46. Jos…
  47. Date: 13-06-2008. Relief !! With night halt in Leh. Outside Naro hotel !! >>>>>>
  48. Date: 14-06-2008. Leh to kargil road. <<<<< Green oasis
  50. Lamayaru monastry, Leh – Kargil road.
  51. Lamayaru monastry
  52. Solar powered Prashar Bharathi
  53. Army’s solar installation
  54. Bananas gone
  55. Green oasis in mountain desert.
  56. Night halt in Kargil, Siachen Hotel. <ul><li>Departure next day 2am for Zanskar. But got held up by taxi union outside Kargil for 2 hours. </li></ul><ul><li>Transferred equipment and bags to new taxi and moved on. </li></ul>
  57. Date: 15-06-2008. Kargil to Zanskar road.
  60. Panikhar Glacier covered with mud
  61. Jos… working hard despite his stomach
  62. Scanning for the safest road-line to follow
  64. 4400mts tea stop
  65. Bumpty-bump all the way. (click below for movie)
  66. Drang-drung glacier
  67. Same place last year
  68. Zanskar valley, 3pm.
  69. Date: 15-06-2008. 4pm. The Sani hospital !!!
  70. Date: 16-06-2008. The wall.
  71. The crew
  73. The Cowboy and Red-indian
  74. And the challenges.
  75. Local handiwork
  76. Indoor temprature
  77. Outdoor temprature
  78. Mixed dal and rice. Yummy lunch…
  79. The chef and kitchen
  80. End of installation day one
  81. First day work done
  82. Constant dust keeps their nose runny and eyes red
  83. Rainbow
  84. Padam hotel. Luxury in Zanskar.
  85. Nadeem joins us on second work day. Date: 17-06-2008
  86. Toasted
  88. Use conciously , or else…
  89. “ Do not touch”
  90. Done! In less than half the estimated time.
  93. Date: 17-06-2008. Picture Perfect.
  94. On to Lamdon school to check last years installation.
  95. Checking system condition, Lamdon school.
  96. Same place last year
  97. Checking PV condition
  98. Same place last year
  99. Principals room.
  101. Date:18-06-2008. On to Reru. 2 hours drive from Padam.
  102. Bardan monastry and local yak transport
  103. Recreation room. Reru school.
  104. Invertors exchanged to solve tripping problems. Reru school
  105. Date: 19-06-2008. Heading back home to Auroville…
  106. Via Srinagar by bus.
  107. Rishi enjoying not being bounced around. Date: 20-06-2008. Srinagar
  108. Date: 23-06-2008. Chennai camera service center. New camera suddenly starts functioning again!! 