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Future of Street Lighting: Hi-Semicon LED Streetlights


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Know about Hi-Semicon, a well known LED high bay light manufacturer from China providing energy solutions at warehouse, workshop and other industrial and commercial applications.

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Future of Street Lighting: Hi-Semicon LED Streetlights

  1. 1. Future of Street Lighting: Hi-Semicon LED Streetlights An LED street light is an allied light that applies light emitting diodes as its lighting source. These are thought-out as unified lights because, in most situations, the luminaire and the fixture are not different components (except LEDGine-based luminaires). Newly manufactured, these array of LED lights is fixed on a panel and then amassed to the LED panel with a heat sink to evolve into an unified lighting component. Distinct designs have been constructed that organize various types of LEDs into a light fixture. The ongoing drift is towards using high power 1 W Light Emitting Diodes, but some business organisations use low power LEDs in their accessories, including several low power LEDs crowded together to do the similar task as a single high power LED would do. The structure of the LED streetlight rely upon many aspects, including LED composition, the heat sink used with the LEDs, and creative arrangement preference. Heat sinks for LED street lights are same in architectural design to heat sinks used to cool other electrical items, for example, computers. Heat sinks likely to have as many channels as possible to assist the progress of outflow of hot air from the LEDs. The portion of heat exchange will straightly influence the lifetime of the LED street light. The agedness of an LED street light is determined by its light output in comparison to its original design details. Once its illumination reduces by 30 percent, an LED street light is understood to be at the deadline of its life.
  2. 2. Most of the LED street lights have a optical lens on the LED panel, which is fashioned in such way that it project its light in a rectangular design, an added benefit in comparison to conventional street lights, which popularly have a reflector on the backward side of a high-pressure sodium lamp. In this situation, much of the illuminance of the light is wasted and results in light pollution in the air and neighbouring atmosphere. Such street lights can also produce very bright light for drivers and pedestrians which can cause temporary blindness. A disadvantage of LED light panels is that most of the light is focused to the road, and less light to the walkway and other areas. This can be improved by the use of specific lens design and flexible mounting faucets. Hi-SEMICON is one of the leading manufacturer of LED industrial light in China. The LED lights are highly efficient with modular heat sink, uniform light intensity, adjustable +-6 degree beam angle, stylish design, disassemble module. Now, offering 3 years of guarantee on LED Floodlights from the date of purchase and available in power models of 60W/90W/120W/180W.