Most Charming and Rock Climbing places for Adventure


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Exploring the most charming and beautiful Climbing place in India. These places are famous for it's beautiful treks and technical climbing. Lots of climbing lovers are came here to climb on these peaks.


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Most Charming and Rock Climbing places for Adventure

  1. 1. Top Places in India For Rock Climbing Adventure? India is the Mecca f or rock climbers as it the land of the mighty Himalayas who are the epitome of height and treacherous terrain which are a delight f or Climbers. Though if talking about rock climbing India also has many other regions where the terrain is perf ect f or the climbers to carry out their climbing trips. Some of the best rock climbing locations in India are as f ollows : See Also Top Trekking Places in India TOP ROCK CLIMBING PLACTOP ROCK CLIMBING PLAC Home
  2. 2. Miyar Valley – Himachal Pradesh Popularly known as the valley of Flowers it is a dream destination f or climbers in search of adventure with addition of scenic beauty. The valley is surrounded by Lush f orests, mesmerizing snow covered peaks, the raging rivers, and tiny villages which can be seen f rom f ar away distance. Miyar Valley has its borders attached to the Zanskar and Ladhakh which are also major rock climbing attractions. The terrain in the valley is perf ect f or rock climbing with the perf ect climatic conditions. Trekking Places in Garhwal Why Trekking in Himachal is Perfect For You?
  3. 3. Experiencing the Raw Nature at Stok Kangri Experience The Royal Trek Trails of Markha Valley and Sikkim Trekking
  4. 4. Parvati Valley – Himachal Pradesh In all of the Himachal this one is the most deserving place f or the title of 'Heaven On Earth'. The Alpine Flowers and outcrops in the valley are soothing to the eyes. There staple f ood is Mica as it is available here in abundance. Though the Pin Parvati trek valley is mesmerizing to see, the mountain heights and the Pin Parvati Pass considered the most dangerous stretches in the entire Himachal Region or maybe in the entire northern Himalayan region. The pass was f irst discovered as an alternate route f or kullu f rom Spiti in the year 1884 by eminent Englishmen, Sir Louis Dane when he was traveling f rom Spiti Valley to Kullu Valley. The f amous Sikh Pilgrim destination is the f irst one that you would reach during the trek to the Kullu Valley. The Area has rich scenic beauty which is best to be seen in the months of August, September and October. The Highest point is in Kullu Spiti Divide which is nearby Parvati valley at 5319 meters above sea level. This destination is the best f or climbers who want to experience real dangers in an adventurous way. See Also : Meet Real Beauty of Himalayas With Last Minute India Adventure Step by Step Guide for Trekking To Valley Of Flowers
  5. 5. Shey Rock – Jammu and Kashmir The valley lies in the Autonomous sector of Ladakh in the Leh region. Being the individual peak f or climbing it attracts a lot of climber f rom all over the world. The region not only attracts the climbers but has become a great holiday destination f or people. There are trekking agencies which will make all the arrangements f or you and get you the required equipments f or rock climbing at af f ordable rent. The Local people of the area are really humble and sof t spoken and are every ready to help you out. You can take their help. The area is also good f or amateur climbers as the terrain is not heavily rocky and easy to climb. Chandratal Baralacha Trek For Blissful Journey Name * Email Address * Message *
  6. 6. Sar pass – Himachal Pradesh This is a breathtaking destination as you would get to see splendid natural vegetation and curvy mountains which change whose color changes with the change of light. In contrast to this there are treacherous tracks and rocky terrain making it the hard core climbers destination. The best time go there is the summer season when the Sar Pass is thrown open f or general public. Send Message Contact Us Adventure India Kuoni Academy Building , Manali- 175131 Himachal Pradesh (India) Tel: +91-1902-251163 Fax: Tel: +91-1902-251163 Email: Web:
  7. 7. Pythal Mala – Kerala Though way f ar of f f rom the Himalayas, the Pyatha Mala Hills are very challenging f or climbers who seek adventure. 1371.6 meters above sea level, the hills are situated near the Kappimala village. Rock Climbing and Rappelling are very f amous among the localities. The area lying in the region of the backwaters, you can see lush green coconut trees and cof f ee plants. Annual expeditions are carried where people and prof essional climbers turnout in huge numbers.
  8. 8. Madhugiri – Karnataka Also called Maddagiri, the area is located in Tumkur district, of Karnataka. The area inhibits huge rocks in its terrain. These rocks are very adventurous f or amateur climbers. The Madhugiri Hill is considered to be the second largest monolith in entire Asia. The old f ort in the area gives a glimpse of the past of the area. The rock climbing expeditions conducted here are one of a kind in the world as they are carried out on huge rocks of granite.
  9. 9. Savanaduga – Karnataka This is a Hill in the Deccan India located 33 kilometers west from Bangalore. The monolith hills are part of the topography of the southern regions of India and Savanaduga hill is one them. Infact this is the biggest monolith Hill in entire Asia with a height of 1226 meters above sea level making it ideal for the climbers to dig in their feet into it.
  10. 10. Ramnagar – Karnataka This is a very f amous place of south India mostly f amous f or its temples and rock climbing. The Ramnagar or Ramanagara Hills are a delightf ul place f or climbers who have just begun rock climbing as there are prof essionals here who provide technical rock climbing training. The most popular peaks in the region are SRS Betta, Ramadevara Betta and Thenginkalbetta. These hills are gigantic and are made of huge rocks which almost size as big as a small hill.
  11. 11. Malshej ghat – Maharashtra The Konkan region, i.e. the western coast of India has some of the most beautif ul and unique topography. One of them is Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra. Though the place is not much popular among general public but passionate climbers are very well aware about the place. Hiking, rappelling and climbing are the activities f or which this place is the ideal one. Since the area receives heavy rainf all there is a lot of greenery in this region. The f orts and Temples f rom the time of the Rajput empire are a common view in this area. This is an ideal place to learn rock climbing.
  12. 12. Rock Climbing in India is an adrenaline pumping task which is not meant for people with weak hearts. India is a geographically diverse country with various types of topographical terrains. The country has one of the most treacherous and dangerous climbing destinations of which a climber dreams of. Twe e tTwe e t 3 0 13Like 5 Share Thank You Build a free website at