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Healthy liver-information

  1. 1. Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Immunity To Fight Disease What would be the most effective way to strengthen your immunity which we can indulge in day to day life to stay fit. Most us get sickness due to low immunity power to resists bacteria and viral attack. Many communicable disease like colds and flu are common disease and better is to prevention of these disease as you know they have no rapid cure until they run their course. If you get cold and flu many times than there is problem with the immunity to fight invading virus. Tips that can be very beneficial “Regular exercise” Exercise is very beneficial for every organs of human body. Exercise causes the body to simulate endorphins a chemical substance that can help a persons to feel more relaxed and cheerful. Even helps it to overcome mild depression. Exercise helps to loose weight and prevention disease against obesity . Its very easy to maintain body weight that decrease the risk of developing certain disease. “Eat Pro biotic Foods” There are millions of bacteria that are very beneficial bacteria that are located in your intestinesthat helps to absorb essential nutrients. These bacteria are strongest against common cold,flu and many other disease. Taking Probiotic foods such as kefir,yogurt and kimch.
  2. 2. Pro biotic foods are substances which simulates the growth of microorganisms bacteria that are very beneficial for metabolism “Healthy Food” Taking three times of meals that include that plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take food which are rich in carbohydrate,vitamins,minerals don't skip meals Vitamins C and and food items rich in antioxidant foods rich in vitamin c fruit like broccoli, citrus • • • • • • Vitamin E-rich foods are nuts and whole grains Garlic is also very beneficial foods items rich in Zinc-rich like turkey, crab, oysters and beans Bioflavanoid found in vegetable and fruits. Food rich in Selenium like chicken, whole grains,pulses, eggs, sunflower seeds etc. foods rich in Carotenoid such as carrots “Enough Sleep Is Required” To regulate healthy metabolism of your body you must have enough sleep to stay active at least 6 hours of sound sleep must be there.
  3. 3. “Regular Health Check Up” You should maintain a routine checkup of health issues do not ignore any sign of disease get consult from your doctor if you see prolonged common sign such as fever,cold and cough and uneasy feeling. Its always Prevention is better than cure. Liver Transplant India is one of the finest medical institution which is actively working in the field of advance medical strategies to help people to cure from liver disease. Liver Transplant India has operated more than 1300 liver transplant surgery.For any inquiry or for doctor consultation regarding liver disease visit :