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hydrogen powered car and its parts worklng images


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Published in: Automotive
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hydrogen powered car and its parts worklng images

  2. 2. Harnessing Hydrogen for Power: Hydrogen Cars HEMANTH KUMAR
  3. 3. What exactly is a Hydro gen Car  In ahydrogen car, itsprimary sourceof power isfrom breaking down hydrogen
  4. 4. Ways of Getting Hydrogen These are the important ways now used : S.S
  5. 5. BMW’s project for hydrogen car  BMW took the initiative step to create a hydrogen fuel car  IT tested it’s BMW7 first time at aug 7 2015  it accelerated 0-60 in 9.5 sec only
  6. 6. Hydrogen fuel cell:-  It gets hydrogen from hydrogen tank and air from atmosphere.  it generates power by using these two gases  The power can be depends upon no. of individual fuel cells used(0.7v)
  7. 7. Hydrogen tank:-  It is present at the back portion of the car.  It as made up of impact resistant polymer Power control unit:-  It governs the flow of power
  8. 8. IMAGES OF MOTOR AND BATTERY IT propels the car more smoothly and efficiently IT stores energy from the regenerative braking
  9. 9. Comparable Efficiencies Hydrogen Fuel cells at over 50% efficiency Fossil fuel powered car at 10% - 20% efficiency Hybrid powered cars have 30% - 35% efficiency Ethanol is less efficient than fossil fuel - ethanol gets 20% less mpg than fossil fuels
  10. 10. Advantages Zero emissions (pure water is produced) No dependence on foreign oil Ability to harvest solar and renewable energy Not many moving parts in a vehicle (more mileage before things start breaking) Hydrogen weighs less than gasoline (vehicles would not need as much energy to move)
  11. 11. Companies Getting Involved  Ford - P2000  Honda - FCX  BMW - Hydrogen 7  Mazda - Wankel motor  General Motors - Sequel
  12. 12. If use this technology we can completely reduce the wastage of fossil fuels. We can also reduce the cost of fuel