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Corporate profile

  1. 1. B L U E S K Y<br />Powering Ambitions<br />CORPORATE PROFILE<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Integratedoffering<br />Clients<br />ServicesOffered<br />BlueSkySupport<br />BlueSkyVerticals<br />CoreTeam<br />PromotersBackground<br />OurPresence<br />
  3. 3. BLUESKY inception 2006<br />Introduction<br />BLUESKY is a pioneer in creating the concept of outsourcing the entire HR function for companies.<br />Through integrated outsourcing we provide Continuity, Expertise, Cost Effectiveness, Execution and Overall Accountability. <br />We specialize in enabling companies leverage on their intangible- “People Assets” to achieve a business advantage. <br />Essentially we adopt and manage the end to end HR function for our clients<br />As an organization we pivot on three aspects- <br />Expertise, Innovation and Execution <br />We not only assist clients with strategy formulation but are also accountable and responsible for last mile implementation and execution<br />
  4. 4. We believe in playing the role of a partner constantly shadowing our client on all dimensions of HR in an integrated manner through capabilities and expertise in: <br /><ul><li>Strategic HR consultancy & OD Interventions
  5. 5. HR Operations
  6. 6. Recruitment and Selection
  7. 7. Staffing & temping
  8. 8. Payroll Processes, Executive Due Diligence, Criminal verifications
  9. 9. Training and Coaching
  10. 10. Community plug in</li></li></ul><li>Clients <br />Clients <br />Media<br />Technology<br />FMCG/Distribution/Retail<br />
  11. 11. Hospitality<br />Manufacturing<br />Construction <br />Others<br />
  12. 12. Services Offered<br />STRATEGIC HR CONSULTANCY<br />Founded on the Principles of aligning People processes to Business Objectives<br />At B L U E S K Y we address every project from a strategic HR perspective first and later transition into executing them. Through this arm, we first understand the business challenges and consequently interpret the HR priorities and focus areas<br /> <br />Talent Management<br /><ul><li>Role Analysis and Defining Accountabilities
  13. 13. Competency Mapping and Skill Directory
  14. 14. Talent Management and Retention of Star Performers
  15. 15. Coaching and Mentoring of Star Performers </li></ul>HR Processes<br /><ul><li>Organization Structure
  16. 16. Performance Mgmt System
  17. 17. Recruitment & Selection Processes
  18. 18. Compensation Structures
  19. 19. Design of Performance Pay
  20. 20. Incentives and Long Term/Short Term Deferred Plans
  21. 21. HR Audit and maturity of HR processes
  22. 22. Policies and Processes</li></ul>Organizational Development<br /><ul><li>Mission and Value setting exercise
  23. 23. Balanced Score Card
  24. 24. Culture Building Exercises
  25. 25. Change Management and strategic interventions for change
  26. 26. Organization Studies and OD interventions
  27. 27. Team Integration and Team building processes </li></li></ul><li>HR OPERATIONS<br />B L U E S K Y takes ownership and manages the HR Function with defined outcomes essentially HR/Organization maturity, Best Practices, Cost Effectiveness & Continuity. The pivot is on ‘EXECUTION’<br /> <br />HR Resources available <br /><ul><li>Head of HR
  28. 28. HR Managers
  29. 29. HR executives
  30. 30. Recruitment executives
  31. 31. Training Managers</li></ul>HR Function Outsourcing<br /><ul><li>Responsible for the maturity of the HR function
  32. 32. Provide the HR executive with training on HR
  33. 33. HR Expertise, Guidance and mentorship
  34. 34. HR Best and Next Practices
  35. 35. HR Processes, Systems and Templates
  36. 36. Review and Control : Program charts and maturity trackers to evaluate HR progress</li></ul>Power of Outsourcing<br /><ul><li>Leverage the deep expertise at a miniscule cost
  37. 37. Continuity in case the HR executive leaves
  38. 38. Flexibility on the number of days you need HR- Pay as You use model
  39. 39. Best practices
  40. 40. You can contain your cost to the levels you want and avoid compensation spirals
  41. 41. Other services provided at reduced rates</li></li></ul><li>RECRUITMENT & SELECTION<br />We don’t just recruit, we build organizations.<br />Our Recruitment approach is to address the composite set of challenges encountered by the Client.<br />Value Added Services<br /><ul><li>Integrated clients are offered recruitment rates on a per month basis
  42. 42. Lease and time share job portals
  43. 43. Dedicated recruiters for fixed periods
  44. 44. Job spec match</li></ul>Types of Recruitment Services<br /><ul><li>Executive Search
  45. 45. Turnkey Assignments
  46. 46. Speed Recruitments
  47. 47. Pan India Recruitment</li></ul>Our Approach to Recruitment<br /><ul><li>Understand the business, the culture, the role and the competencies
  48. 48. Role profiling- competencies
  49. 49. Identify the Ecosystem
  50. 50. Mapping of Candidates followed by in-depth assessment </li></li></ul><li>HR SERVICES<br />B L U E S K Y provides customized HR services to improve HR efficiency.  <br />Reference Checks<br /><ul><li>Standard Reference Checks
  51. 51. Criminal Checks
  52. 52. Address Verification
  53. 53. Education Checks </li></ul> <br />Performance Audits<br /><ul><li>Mystery Shopping
  54. 54. Performance Audits
  55. 55. Vendor Audits</li></ul>Payroll Processes<br /><ul><li>Payroll Process for multiple locations and divisions
  56. 56. On Line/Email option for pay slips
  57. 57. Direct bank transfers
  58. 58. PF/ESI/Form 16
  59. 59. Tax projections and calculations </li></ul>Executive Due Diligence<br /><ul><li>Specially customized for Middle and Sr. Level executives
  60. 60. Eliminates the margin of error in assessment
  61. 61. Provides a 360 degrees perspective</li></ul>Hr<br />
  62. 62. Recruitment Processes <br /><ul><li>Performance Evaluation of Vendors
  63. 63. Screening of Applications/Database Management
  64. 64. Preliminary Interviews
  65. 65. Psychometric testing
  66. 66. Medical check-ups </li></ul>HR Surveys & Studies<br /><ul><li>Employee Attitude Surveys
  67. 67. Employee satisfaction Surveys
  68. 68. Organizational Health Surveys
  69. 69. Compensation benchmarking
  70. 70. Talent Update within industry</li></ul>Personnel<br /><ul><li>Joining Formalities
  71. 71. Exit Interviews
  72. 72. Final Settlements
  73. 73. Statutory Compliances </li></li></ul><li>TEMPORARY STAFFING <br />B L U E S K Y provides Temporary Staffing solutions through its division called P’LEASE. Staffing solutions provide companies with an opportunity to leverage on the risks and provides an excellent opportunity to test a market without affecting its fixed cost.<br />Value Adds<br /><ul><li>Training
  74. 74. Attendance monitoring
  75. 75. Employee Handbook
  76. 76. 0 bank accounts for temps
  77. 77. Recognition programs</li></ul>Temp Resources available <br /><ul><li>Customer Service Executives
  78. 78. Promoters
  79. 79. Sales executives
  80. 80. Data entry
  81. 81. Operational staff</li></ul>Services<br /><ul><li>Recruitment of these personnel
  82. 82. Payroll management
  83. 83. Statutory compliances
  84. 84. Personnel Administration
  85. 85. Customer Help desk</li></li></ul><li>TRAINING & COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT<br />At B L U E S K Y Training & Development aims at being able to facilitate a positive change in skills, knowledge, attitude and behavior, ensuring greater ROI <br />We primarily focus on coaching and transfer of learning to the work place which must lead to permanent change in behavior. For this we also use a coaching tracker and the follow up is accomplished by an on-site executive from Blue Sky<br />Skill Training<br /><ul><li>Customer Service
  86. 86. Interviewing techniques
  87. 87. Performance Evaluation and Measurement</li></ul>Managerial<br /><ul><li>Time Management
  88. 88. Change Management
  89. 89. The HR Manager in You
  90. 90. Team Building (Outbound camps)
  91. 91. Communication effectiveness</li></ul>Leadership<br /><ul><li>Leadership development for Senior Executives
  92. 92. Certificate Program for Manager’s
  93. 93. Certificate Program for Executives</li></ul>Behavioral<br /><ul><li>Enhancing Personal Effectiveness and execution skills
  94. 94. Creating ownership and passion
  95. 95. Personal Grooming and etiquettes
  96. 96. What it takes to succeed!!
  97. 97. EQ in business</li></li></ul><li>INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS<br /><ul><li>Support & guidance
  98. 98. Managing unions/labour issues</li></ul>EMPLOYEE CONNECT<br /><ul><li>Treks
  99. 99. Lunch facility
  100. 100. Medical
  101. 101. Financial Planning
  102. 102. Special privileges
  103. 103. Quizzes
  104. 104. Recreation</li></ul> <br />DEVELOPMENT<br /><ul><li>Management Dev Prg
  105. 105. Learning snippets
  106. 106. General Dev sessions
  107. 107. Video catalogue
  108. 108. External speakers
  109. 109. Case studies
  110. 110. Outbound</li></ul>COACHING<br /><ul><li>Coaching of CEO’s
  111. 111. Coaching of manager’s
  112. 112. Mentoring of HR</li></ul> <br />
  113. 113. Bluesky Support<br />BLUESKY CONNECT<br />A value offering which leverages on our client base and helps us provide a central bouquet of products and service offerings with special value adds<br />It includes<br /><ul><li>Business Connect
  114. 114. HBR
  115. 115. Corner office
  116. 116. Conferences
  117. 117. Networking
  118. 118. Special Vendor deals</li></ul>Other central programs offered include Outbound camps, Training modules and other employee centric events <br /> <br />
  119. 119. Bluesky Verticals<br />BLUESKY SALES AND MARKETING<br />BLUESKY powers clients on three Levels: Project/Product Management, Strategic Consultancy and Execution<br />Services include<br /><ul><li>Sales force management
  120. 120. Distribution and Retail management
  121. 121. Franchise development and management</li></ul>BLUESKY ACADEMY<br />The academy is aimed at crafting individuals into well trained HR Executives<br />The 0 Gravity course equips a student with contemporary HR techniques and practices that are application oriented and skills that can be applied at their jobs from day one <br />
  122. 122. Core Team <br /><ul><li>Sonia Fichardo - Sr. Manager, Strategy Execution & BD</li></ul>A Graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Sonia has been associated with Bluesky in different roles for a substantial period and has significantly contributed to various facets of the business. She oversees various elements of executing business plans and Business Development.<br /><ul><li>Valentine Anthony- Assistant Vice President, Human Resource </li></ul>Valentine has about 10 years of post qualification experience. Prior to BlueSky he was the HR Head -Asia & Australia for Griffin Travel located in Singapore. He was also associated with Pantaloons- Future Group, Titan Industries, & The Practice. Valentine possesses deep expertise in Training and Development, OD interventions & Change Management, Retention Strategies & Employee Relations. He is currently overseeing the HR Operations & Consultancy and Learning & Development division in Bluesky. <br /><ul><li>Suchi Pabari - Sr. Manager, HR Operations</li></ul>Suchi is a Post Graduate from Welingkar Inst of Management Studies. She specializes in managing the Human Resource for SME’s and family run organizations and has rich experience in the FMCG and Manufacturing industry.<br />Business Development <br />& Strategy<br />HR Operations<br />
  123. 123. HR Operations<br /><ul><li>Aparna Majumdar-Manager, HR Services & Process Assurance </li></ul>Aparna has pursued her MA in psychology and has done her Diploma in ISTD. She has expertise in Design and content development of Outbound Programs, MDP’s and Customer Service for front line staff. She currently oversee the HR service division for Bluesky.<br /><ul><li>Shirley Mascarenhas-Manager, HR Services</li></ul>Shirley is a Post Graduate in HRM from Welingkar Inst of Management Studies. Prior to Blue Sky she was associated with Morgan Stanley Advantage Services and Kasian Architecture . She possess expertise in handling all of aspects of HR. She currently is overseeing the Recruitment Department for Blue Sky.<br /><ul><li>Payal Nikumbh- Assistant Manager, HR Services</li></ul>Payal is a Post Graduate in HRM from MIT School of Business, Pune. Prior to Blue Sky she was associated with Esource Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She possess expertise in handling all of aspects of HR especially . She currently is overseeing the Media and Entertainment Vertical for Blue Sky.<br />
  124. 124. Promoters Background<br />An HR professional with experience of over 18 years of which the last 8 years were as Head the Human Resources<br />His industry experience spans across MTV Networks as: Director-Human Resources, Venture Infotek as: Head-Human Resources, The Kalpataru Group as AGM-Group HR, Tata Motors, Burroughs Wellcome, Armour Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.<br />Post Graduate in Labour Studies from Bombay University and a Graduated from St Xavier’s College- Mumbai, Don as he is fondly called has been trained by Dr TV Rao in Competency development, Assessment centers and Retention techniques.<br /> <br /> <br />Presently Managing Director at Condé Nast (India), a UK based publishing group, Alex Kuruvilla, formerly was Managing Director, MTV Networks India & Executive Vice President MTV Networks Asia.<br />Nominated by Ernst & Young as 'Entrepreneur of the Year' in 2002<br />D’Oneil Vaz<br />Founder & CEO<br />Alex Kuruvilla <br />Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor<br />
  125. 125. HEAD OFFICE<br />MUMBAI<br /> <br />221, Laxmi Plaza<br />Off New Link Road, <br />Andheri (West)- 400053<br />Tel: +91 22 -40741111<br />REGIONAL OFFICE<br /> <br />DELHI<br /> <br />909, Vishvadeep tower<br />District centre, Janakpuri <br />New Delhi-110058<br />Tel: +91 11-45606251 <br /> <br />PUNE<br /> <br />Akbar’s Radiant Plaza,<br />5th floor, 327, M.G. road,<br />Pune- 411001<br />Tel: +91 20-4006 8268<br />CONTACT<br />Website:<br />Email: <br />