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Presentation of Helsinki Region Infoshare open data activities in Helsinki in a conference for representatives of the capital cities of Europe

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  • -grasping the possibilities of open data through applications and visualizations -app-competitions have an important role in popularizing open data -and aconnecting various people in the ecosystem -HRI sponsored the competition, and lot of the data that was used is available via
  • -3 rd prize, Ihana Helsinki, AR-mobile application, University of Helsinki Students -2 nd prize, Kierrätys, a mobile reclycling app by llkka Pirttimaa -1 st prize Parkkinappi, a mobile app that helps to pay for the car park in the city streets with one click from mobile -students, enthusiastic hobbyists, entrepreneurs
  • -1 st prize for opening public sector data! -Mirjam Heikkinen and her team from the city of Helsinki Economic Planning department
  • -datacatalogue of currently over 800 datasets, open to everyone -statistics, geographical data, operational data such as public transport route planning data and financial data -developers, statistics utilizers, people who want to know more about open data -open data applications -user feedback from data, interesting data initiates discussions -submit datasets to be opened, process for that, helping the agencies
  • -traffic accidents in Helsinki from a decade -x y coordinates, nature of accident -comminicated via Facebook -3 minutes to first comment on the data format and coordinates -24 hours a new data format added, created by external developer from the community, verified and published by HRI -within 3 days a major current affairs magazine published an interactive heatmap on its website together with a story -Finlands largest newspaper HS followed with its own -lots of discussion, intererest -message across: lowering speed limits cause accidents to drop -paper publications have existed a long time, sure, but this is a good example of creating something engaging with data
  • -IBM Smarter Cities Challenge -open data and the role of data visualization in opening up the city, helping citizens to develop the city -inspiring use cases, examples and recommendations to Helsinki and HRI
  • -future= -new culture, way of working -government as a platform -doing, co-creating -nurturing the ecosystem, learning
  • -Open Knowledge Festival -worlds largest open knowledge and open data related seminar in Helsinki in September -open knowledge in action -value that can be generated by opening up knowledge -welcome to join us for a week of global inspiration! -open call until 20.4. – looking for multinational teams to collaborate and find each other, looking for themes and single topics, propose!
  • -Thank you!
  • Hri uceu-april2012-final

    1. 1. Helsinki Region Infoshare – connects, facilitates,empowers and supports openness Project Manager Ville Meloni Forum Virium Helsinki UCEU CONFERENCE DESIGN DRIVEN CITIES HELSINKI 12 APRIL 2012
    2. 2. ”Inspiring citizens and companies to do good with open data” 2
    3. 3. RECYCLING-APP PARKING-APP o t . c om w w w . pa r logsp kkinap tys app.b p kierra AUGMENTED REALITY-APPw w w .i hanah elsinki .fi
    4. 4. 1st price foropening data!Helsinki metropolitanarea service map
    5. 5. HRI - Project Overview “Making urban and regional information quickly and easily accessible to all. The information can be used freely at no cost” To develop a To build a web network of service throughinformation owners which the data can who maintain and be easily found, open their data accessed and following common utilised. guidelines. To pilot an open data Provide information as machine activity model and its readable ”raw data” which is easy to implications to both the utilize in various applications and producers and end users of web-services. the data.
    6. 6. ”Easyto find,access and utilize data”
    7. 7. ”Engaging people with open data”Case: traffic accident data
    8. 8.
    10. 10. “Open Knowledge in Action”Call for Proposals by 20th of April
    11. 11. Thank you ! l M oni ile elF um V ium Hel or ir sinkiPr ectM na oj a gerv l oni@for ir ile.mel umv ium.fiw w umv w .for ir /