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Helsinki Region Infoshare - Experiences from open data - presentation in English from December 2013. Featuring a case: How open decision making data from City of Helsinki has been used.

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Hri experiences from open data-12122013 ok

  1. 1. Helsinki Region Infoshare Experiences from open data 12.12.2013 Project Manager Ville Meloni Forum Virium Helsinki
  2. 2. Contents of the presentation •  •  •  •  About Forum Virium Helsinki Helsinki Region Infoshare overview Impacts of open data in the Helsinki Region Boosting open data utilization •  Transparent City - Case: How open decision making data from City of Helsinki has been utilized
  3. 3. New service innovations! in cooperation with companies, public sector organizations and citizens. Forum Virium Helsinki is a member of the City of Helsinki Group.
  4. 4. New Forms of Media Expected: Environment & Sustainability Growth Coaching Wellbeing Innovation Communities Smart City Innovative Procurements Focus Areas
  5. 5. City Service Development Kit Helsinki Region Infoshare - Opening up public data Smart City Code4Europe Apps4Finland Open Cities
  6. 6. Helsinki Region Infoshare
  7. 7. Helsinki Region Infoshare Open public data from Helsinki region for everyone easily to use without cost •  •  •  •  •  Currently over 1000 datasets Open data application showcase Give feedback & request new data Instructions for public agencies on how to open data Useful tips for developers and other data users
  8. 8. Helsinki Region Infoshare - project > service •  Joint activity of Helsinki metropolitan area cities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen (population over 1 million people) •  Operated by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki •  2010-2012 pilot phase •  2013 in adoption phase •  2014 – open data business as usual
  9. 9. Open data themes of HRI •  Statistics and estimates o  different urban phenomena e.g. living conditions, economics and well-being, employment and transport o  Environmental and service statistics •  Geospatial data o  Regional division boundaries, electoral district divisions, buildings, maps •  Other o  Public service points, decision making, budget, timetables à Any type of public data!
  10. 10. Example of 2013 data themes •  Geographical data such as addresses, administrative boundaries, aerial photos and historical maps •  Issue reporting API to City of Helsinki (CitySDK project) •  Health and wellbeing related data •  Public decision making data Follow: and @HRInfoshare for open data updates
  11. 11. Impacts of open data in the Helsinki Region
  12. 12. Data journalism Traffic accidents in Helsinki 2000-2010
  13. 13. Education and research HSY - Rakennusmaavaranto SeutuRAMAVA
  14. 14. Visualizations Helsinki in aerial photos 1943-2012
  15. 15. ”The traffic noise data set is a great example of open data which could be very valuable to common people. For example, families looking for a quiet neighborhood in Helsinki would probably want to check local traffic noise levels before buying a house.”
  16. 16. Applications Helsinki Region Transport Journey planner API ReittiGPS
  17. 17. Blindsquare “Makes you sense what’s around you. You only need to listen” Global data • Openstreetmap • Foursquare Local open data from Helsinki region • Public transportation data • Public service points location data
  18. 18. Citizen engagement ”Should it be fixed?” Issue reporting API h"p://
  19. 19. More applications and application ideas in HRI gallery
  20. 20. What next? •  Making open data as part of cities’ normal operations •  In Helsinki open data is included in the city strategy program, ITstrategy and budgeting process •  Let’s show people all the unpublished data there is so they can suggest what data should be opened •  From manually published static data files to application programming interfaces (API’s) and ”automatic data publishing” •  Continuing co-operation: across city agencies and state, with technical developers, companies, schools, research institutions and end users
  21. 21. Boosting open data utilization
  22. 22. How to boost open data utilization? Cities point of view •  Open up more data systematically •  Provide open interfaces (APIs) to the data systems •  Develop interoperability / compatibility of the datasets •  Create user-friendly prototypes to show the usage of the data •  Disseminate best practices •  Better communication, guidance and marketing
  23. 23. How to boost open data utilization? Everyone´s point of view • Involve different users and communities to work with the data owners in creating use cases – solutions for real challenges • Organize events, workshops and competitions • Facilitate access to business funding for data intensive start-ups and other companies • Tie to EU and national open government initiatives and projects
  24. 24. Winners of the year 2011 apllication•  categoryopen data “Finnish •  •  •  •  championship” Organized by Suomen Verkkodemokratia seura and Forum Virium Helsinki Since 2009 In year 2013 over 100 entries More than EUR 25.000 worth of 2011/11/22/tamanprice money vuoden-voittajat-onjulkaistu/
  25. 25. Apps4Finland 2013 winner “Stormwind Simulator” uses open data from National Land Survey and other sources
  26. 26. HEL<3DEV •  Supporting developers who want to utilize APIs and open data provided by the city. •  •  •  •  Website aimed for developers Workshops Code4Europe codefellows Competitions and support programs such as Open Helsinki - Hack at Home 27  
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Inspirational material for data owners including practical case examples of opening and utilizing data. Available in English via
  29. 29. A Transparent City Case: How open decision making data from City of Helsinki has been used
  30. 30. Our Dream: Fully Transparent and Open City
  31. 31. ”Open data will bring the biggest change in public administration that I have experienced during my career” -Mr. Jussi Pajunen, Mayor of Helsinki
  32. 32. Helsinki’s electronic document management system - Ahjo •  System for preparing public agendas for decision making •  City Council, City Board, City Departments and their steering committees (over 5.000 users)
  33. 33. Ahjo is now Open! •  Helsinki’s public agenda and decision documents as open data = Open Ahjo •  • •  Enables new applications and services that bring decision making closer to citizens See also: City council meetings video API
  34. 34. Minutes/agendas description information in xml-structure <DescriptionInformationOpenDocument> <Header>text</Header> <Dnro> <DnroShort>String</DnroShort> <DnroTformat>String</DnroTformat> <DnroRunningNumber>String</DnroRunningNumber> <DnroYear>String</DnroYear> </Dnro> <Reference>1967-08-13</Reference> <TaskClass>String</ TaskClass> <DocumentaryData>String</DocumentaryData> <DocumentType>String</DocumentType> <PublicityClass <PublicityClassId="String">String</PublicityClass> <Languagy LanguaguId="String">String</Language> <Decision-maker Decision-makerId="String">String</Decision-maker> <Business BusinessId="String">String</Business> <Office OfficeId="String">String</Office> <Department DepartmentId="String">String</Department> <Presenter PresenterId="String">String</Presenter> <Preparer PreparerId="String">String</Preparer> <OfficeHolder OfficeHolderId="String">String</OfficeHolder> <Status_of_the_case>String</Status_of_the_case> <Status_of_the_document>String</Status_of_the_document> <Personal_data>text</Personal_data> <Additional_data>String</ Additional_data> <ArticleNumber_of_the_agenda>text</ ArticleNumber_of_the_agenda> <X-coordinates>text</Xcoordinates> <Y-coordinates>text</Y-coordinates> <Data_system_index>String</Data_system_index> <Index_termt>String</Index_termt> <MeetingTunniste>String</ MeetingTunniste> <Article>String</Article> <Decision_Date>String</Decision_Date> •  <NextMeetingDate>String</NextMeetingDate> <MeetingDate>1967-08-13</MeetingDate> <DecisionLevel>String</ DecisionLevel> <Kvsto>String</Kvsto> <KvstoMeetingDate>String</ KvstoMeetingDate> <VHMinutes_of_the_meetingnosa>String</ VHMinutes_of_the_meetingnosa> <Minutes_of_the_meeting_ApprovedChecked>String</ Minutes_of_the_meeting_ApprovedChecked> <ArchivingDate>String</ ArchivingDate> <ClosingDate>String</ClosingDate> <DueDate>String</ DueDate> <ExpirationDate>String</ExpirationDate> <PreparationDate>String</PreparationDate> <AbolishedDate>String</ AbolishedDate> <Period_of_validityAlkaa>String</Period_of_validityAlkaa> <Period_of_validity_ends>String</Period_of_validity_ends> <PublishingDate>String</PublishingDate> <To_Internet>1967-08-13</ To_Internet> <PublishingRemovalDate>String</PublishingRemovalDate> <CountingPrinciple_of_curingPeriod>String</ CountingPrinciple_of_curingPeriod> <EndDate_of_curingPeriod>String</ EndDate_of_curingPeriod> <Lenght_of__the_curingPeriod>String</ Lenght_of__the_curingPeriod> <Principle_of__the_curingPeriod>String</ Principle_of__the_curingPeriod> <Year>String</Year> <SerialNumber>String</SerialNumber> <DiscretionUsed>String</ DiscretionUsed> <Astu>String</Astu> <DocumentTypeIdentifier>String</ DocumentTypeIdentifier> <AHJOIdentifier1>String</AHJOIdentifier1> <AHJOIdentifier2>String</AHJOIdentifier2> <PublicationStucture>String</ PublicationStucture> <Astujulkaisu2vExpirationDate>String</ Astujulkaisu2vExpirationDate> <Purpose_of_the_use>String</ Purpose_of_the_use> <MIMEType>String</MIMEType> </DescriptionInformationOpenDocument>
  35. 35. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  <KuvailutiedotOpenDocument> <Otsikko>text</Otsikko> <Dnro> <DnroLyhyt>String</DnroLyhyt> <DnroTmuoto>String</DnroTmuoto> <DnroJuoksevaNumero>String</ DnroJuoksevaNumero> <DnroVuosi>String</DnroVuosi> </Dnro> <Viite>1967-08-13</Viite> <Tehtavaluokka>String</Tehtavaluokka> <AsiakirjallinenTieto>String</AsiakirjallinenTieto> <AsiakirjaTyyppi>String</AsiakirjaTyyppi> <JulkisuusLuokka <JulkisuusLuokkaId="String">String</JulkisuusLuokka> <Kieli KieliId="String">String</Kieli> <Paattaja PaattajaId="String">String</Paattaja> <Toimiala ToimialaId="String">String</Toimiala> <Virasto VirastoId="String">String</Virasto> <Osasto OsastoId="String">String</Osasto> <Esittelija EsittelijaId="String">String</Esittelija> <Valmistelija ValmistelijaId="String">String</Valmistelija> <Viranhaltija ViranhaltijaId="String">String</Viranhaltija> <Asiantila>String</Asiantila> <Asiakirjantila>String</Asiakirjantila> <Henkilotietoja>text</Henkilotietoja> <Lisatieto>String</Lisatieto> <EsityslistanAsianumero>text</EsityslistanAsianumero> <X-kordinaatti>text</X-kordinaatti> <Y-kordinaatti>text</Y-kordinaatti> <Tietojarjestelmarekisteri>String</ Tietojarjestelmarekisteri> <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> <KokousTunniste>String</KokousTunniste> <Pykala>String</Pykala> <Paatospaiva>String</Paatospaiva> h#p://­‐‑data-­‐‑layers-­‐‑to-­‐‑helsinki-­‐‑citys-­‐‑case-­‐‑management h#p://­‐‑kaupungin-­‐‑asianhallintajarjestelma-­‐‑ ahjon-­‐‑rajapinta/
  36. 36. Helsinki Developer Portal http://dev.hel.f
  37. 37.
  38. 38. h"p://
  39. 39. Open Helsinki – - community project in progress to create better UI to decision items and to increase the dialogue between citizens and politicians
  40. 40. Ahjo Explorer mobile application: “Follow Helsinki’s political decision making whenever and wherever” ahjo-explorer/
  41. 41. Ordinary day in the near future Hmm.. at the moment they are planning to do some changes to the land use plan of this area.. Interesting should I participate? •  Mitä jo on tehty unelman saavuttamiseksi I see.. This brandnew bicycle •  Mitä seuraavaksi tehtäisiin by the City corridor was decided x.x.20xx Council and budget was xx euros.. I´ll send positive feedback!
  42. 42. Open Ahjo – Use cases for the data Make it easier for citizens, politicians and civil servants to have a dialogue via social media A:Today we are handling new bicycle-road case xx-yy-zz Q: Could you tell me more about this case? A: Sure! Realtime access to local and relevant decision topics: ”What is being decided in my neighborhood?” Encouraging citizen participation: ”City is building a new library here in 2016. I could tell them my ideas on how to spend the budget” Helsingin kaupungin aineistopankki/Lauri Mannermaa
  43. 43. “Our dream is that every public agenda, every euro and any public issue could be easily analyzed, visualized, understood and contributed to by the citizens in advance.”
  44. 44. HRI won 100 000 € to make this dream a reality!
  45. 45. How we will spend the EUR 100.000 •  Open more data and develop interoperability of the different datasets to match with Open Ahjo •  Work with various users in creating real-life use cases for the data •  Encourage the creation of prototype applications and visualizations that showcase the usage of the data •  Disseminate learnings so others can replicate it Examples of datasets to match with Open Ahjo: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Population statistics and estimates Administrative boundaries City financial data City service point data Real estate and land use data Environmental data City issue reporting data
  46. 46. Read more Helsinki Quarterly 3/2013 “A Transparent City” pages 16 - 25 Available on-line julkaisut/pdf/ 13_12_05_Quarterly_3_13.pdf
  47. 47. THANK YOU! Ville Meloni Forum Virium Helsinki @HRInfoshare