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Presentation of Opening up City of Helsinki Case Management Solution (AHJO) by Ville Meloni from Forum Virium Helsinki at OKFestival 2012 in Helsinki, Finland

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Hri ahjo-presentation-ok festival-final

  1. 1. Opening up City of Helsinki Case ManagementSolution (AHJO) Ville Meloni - Forum Virium Helsinki Open Knowledge Festival – 18th of September 2012 HACK Workshop 1
  2. 2. Background• City of Helsinki wants to serve citizens and developers better by opening access to decision making information.• Earlier the city has taken case management solution called AHJO in use. It is being used by city decision making bodies.• AHJO renders HTML-pages for city of Helsinki website as human readable documents. Now machine readable output as open data is in the works.• Basically opening data in AHJO means regular XML dumps. In the future possibly also programming layers.
  3. 3. Helsinki Region Infoshare - Overview “Making urban and regional information quickly and easily accessible to all. The information can be used freely at no cost” To develop a To build a web network of service throughinformation owners which the data can who maintain and be easily found, open their data accessed and following common utilised. guidelines. To pilot an open data Provide information as machine activity model and its readable ”raw data” which is easy to implications to both the utilize in various applications and producers and end users of web-services. the data.
  4. 4. Timeline, financing, implementation Timeline 2010-2012 (pilot) 2012- (on-going function)Financing Implementation•Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, •Directive boardKauniainen •City of Helsinki Urban•Finnish innovation fund Facts(Sitra) •Forum Virium Helsinki•Ministry of Finance Collaboration with many different organisations to open data i.e. government, other municipalities, municipal organizations, etc.Collaboration between data producers and developers using that data! 15.11.12 Forum Virium Helsinki 4
  5. 5. open data catalogue Easy to find, access and utilize data •Maintaining of the metadata. Actual data is hosted elsewhere. •A channel for data users to give feedback and request new data. •Brings visibility to existing data pools and encourages more usage. •Concrete instructions for agencies on how to open data
  6. 6. Scope of HRI open data1. Statistics and estimates – Urban phenomenon: demographics, employment, housing, commuting, etc. – Geographical granularity: municipal, district, grid-level, etc.1. Geospatial data – Data that supports presentation of statistical and other data on a map, i.e. district-level shapefiles.1. Any other data – Public services, financials, mass- transportation, infrastructure, decision making related data, etc.
  7. 7. Opening AHJO – Story so far Autumn 2011 Winter 2011 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Autumn 2012• Reseach on city • HRI starts to • HRI organizes • City gives OK • Meetings to decision making work with the city a developer to create first fine tuning document of Helsinki to workshop at API as an XML- and managing systems drive opening of Forum Virium XML-dump file publishing by Antti Poikola for AHJO Helsinki to get as proposed in details data journalism • Helsinki gives input to the developer • Target is to event green light for opening of workshop have first• experimentation AHJO • Tieto creates version of API• Meetings with city • First internal • first version of (daily XML- of Helsinki XML-test dump /fi/ajankohtaist XML-dump dump files) on administration and is created by a/helsingin- method a public server communications AHJO’s IT- paatosasiakirj • City IT starts as open data integrator Tieto ojen- looking for in autumn corporation avaaminen- hosting • Engaging kehittajille/ solution to developers to • AHJO (and further develop skustelut/helsi other) open the open data ngin- data API paatoksenteon -avaaminen/
  8. 8. Example of arelated city – City councilvideos on theweb…
  9. 9. • …as open data • City decision making related open data service • Provides REST-API to city council videos + metadata of city council meetings
  10. 10. Examples of existing end-user services that could utilize AHJO open data •Comparing representative’s election campaign statements against actual parliamentary•Enables commenting and social mediasharing of city decisions•Currently containing city of Tampere
  11. 11. Future Decision making data + geo-coding + financial data + city project data + city infrastructure data + external data +analytics + visualizations = hopefully some useful services for communications and participation enhancing democracy
  12. 12. Next• Insides of AHJO XML and open data publishing presented by Tieto corporation
  13. 13. Thank you! MeloniForum Virium HelsinkiProjektipäällikkö /