Agnitio multichannel closed loop marketing may2011 (public)


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Agnitio multichannel closed loop marketing may2011 (public)

  1. 1. Because no two physicians are alike Agnitio Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing
  2. 2. Content About Agnitio CLM benefits CLM on iPad/android approach Examples of use The Platform Reports & Analytics CRM integration
  3. 3. About Agnitio
  4. 4. AgnitioAgnitio, ônis, f. [agnosco]A knowing, perceiving, apprehending, knowledge, in gen.: ad agnitionem animi, forthe knowledge of the nature of mind.Agnitio – in short means “to understand” creating the “aha” experience. That’s ourname – and that’s what we do – helping companies to make their clients understandbetter and to understand their clients better.Agnitio – delivering Valuable Knowledge on Demand
  5. 5. About AgnitioBack-ground• Software company with own Digital specialized creative agency• Established in 2001 as a spin-off of communication agency founded 1986Customers• 100% focus on the pharmaceutical industryCoverage• Solutions Implemented in over 40 countries and 20 languages• 7 own offices and integration partner set-up in nearly 100 locations globallySolutions• Multi-channel communication platform• Innovative and first-in-class solutions• Software on an open IT-platformServices• Full circle implementation services
  6. 6. Agnitio Platform & Service Offering6 Communication strategy consulting Data Software Creative platform Analytics content People Training & Support
  7. 7. Agnitio PresenceHQ/Nordics Office Agnitio North America Inc.Agnitio A/S & Agnitio Holding 410 Park AvenueA/S New York, NY 10022Dampfærgevej 8, 4 fl USA2100 Copenhagen In & out bound Call Centre45 Staff + freelancersUK/IrelandAgnitio UK LimitedBuilding 3, Chiswick Park,566 Chiswick High RoadLondon |W4 5YA1 Staff + 1 outsourcedFrance/BeNeLuxAgnitio SA23 rue Balzac75008 Paris1 Staff + 2 outsourcedGermany/Switzerland/Austria Spain & South America support Ukraine / Eastern EuropeAgnitio Deutschland GmbH Agnitio SPA Agnitio A/SLyoner Straße 14 Alcalde Redondo Acena 2, Ptl D 172, Antonovycha (Gorkogo) Str.60258 Frankfurt am Main 4*Izda. - 28050 Madrid Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine2 Staff + 3 outsourced 2 Partners + outsourced 15 Staff+ outsourced
  8. 8. Agnitio & Partners local support WorldwideAgnitio can provide content and all levels of support for SW and HW as required
  9. 9. Some regional and global references
  10. 10. CLM Benefits
  11. 11. The CLM platform enables an accurate qualitative segmentation and automatic message differentiation Customers are different – even within each segment. CustomerPotentialCLM Benefits profiling becomes a must. HIGH Segment strategy implementation must beMEDIUM automated and communication Motivation facilitated. LOW OFF Adoption No Rx USAGE DRUG OF CHOICE
  12. 12. The digital media facilitates message delivery and expands the rep’s comfort zone Problems Benefits Expanding Features CLM Benefitsdiscussion areas and subjects Easier to explain complex issues – easier to structure your sales pitch
  13. 13. The sales rep becomes a valued partner for both customer and product manager CUSTOMER CLM Benefits MARKETINGService Provider Market ResearcherProviding the customer with The CLM softwareinformed and documented automatically capturesproduct and company customer response andinformation, engaging a preferences to new marketingvaluable exchange messages, projects and products
  14. 14. An interactive communication ensure optimalmessage memorisationCLM Benefits Passive paper- based detail Active digital detail
  15. 15. Effectiveness is optimised and time to prescription is minimised Shortened time Knowledge to prescription CLM Benefits Prescription Acceleratedmessage delivery, ie more impact per contact Improved message memorisation Calls
  16. 16. In summary: A closed loop marketing approachcan help ensure..Customers Better information Better lifecycle managementCLM BenefitsManagement Higher marketing effectiveness Increased sales, reduced cost A central and leveraged roleSales rep Easier message delivery Reduced reporting Better material re-useMarketing Better message compliance Optimised customer insight
  17. 17. CLM approach on iPad/androids
  18. 18. Market Intelligence 68% of HCPs reported being extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the iPad detailing1 79% of PCPs and 74% of specialists prefer in-person dialogue with reps2 By adopting iPads as sales aids, Novartis expect sales productivity gains of over 10%3 iPad detailing are extending sales calls and increasing trustworthiness4 Agnitio is involved in several global iPad CLM solution deployment projects for top tier pharma companies Sources: 1: Intouch Solutions (April 2011) 2: Knowledge Network (March 2011) 3: Pharmalot (March 2011) 4: Experienced by Agnitio clients
  19. 19. Agnitio Closed Loop & Multi-Channel Marketing Platform AGNITIO MANAGER: Enabling differentiatedAGNITIO ANALYZER: messaging andContinous reporting argumentation for alland CRM feed profiles AGNITIO PLANNER: Real- time customer profiling and interactive delivery ofDigital presentations personalised messagesusing compellinganimations andinteractive dialogue iPad/ Remote Webinar Tablet PC Self Mobile android guided devices
  20. 20. Platform specifics Open non-proprietary platform - no certification procedures Developed in – and for a highly heterogeneous marked – with major divergences in culture, legal, medical and languages including workflow, translation and approval Open for all - customers and Agencies SaaS platform access for all with internet connection Newest technology Open navigation system Fast content creation and quick changes. Easy distribution Localization, multi layer build, approval system build-in Multi-channel delivery
  21. 21. Agnitio API specifics The Agnitio External Navigation API  Allows navigation components to be build from scratch allowing full creative freedom  Allows for multi-level presentations  Supports launching of external presentations  Allows for multi-product presentations and predefined presentation tracks  Allows for further extensions of viewer functionality The Agnitio Monitoring API  Is fully flexible to capture any data type  Is capable of monitoring the entire slide content  Further enable monitoring on assets as well (e.g. # of hits, attitudinal values, preferences etc.)  Agnitio supports monitoring on hierarchical or multi-level presentations
  22. 22. iPad/android benefits Presenter benefits (e.g. Sales Rep)  Convenient:  Nimble and swift (handbag size, no cords etc)  Long battery lifetime (no worries or sudden-death)  Very easy to learn and use  Starts instantly (no waiting time)  All relevant information at hand  Less admin – KPIs are captured in the call or entered between calls - e.g. while walking to the car  Improving Client Relationship  Engaging – shared device  Cool – image building  Turns the Rep into a trusted Client Advisor  Logic navigation enables rep to start where the customer is on the adoption ladder - e.g, awareness, initiating, first usage phase, regular user etc.  Clients have higher recollection of core messages  More face to face time with clients
  23. 23. iPad/android benefits Audience benefits (e.g. Physician)  Invites to engagement  More value on the time spent  Adjustable presentations to fit the exact needs and interests  Interactive/shared device  Animation and video visuals increase learning and entertainment factor  All information at hand  Expanding comfort zone
  24. 24. iPad/android benefits Marketing benefits  Lower costs on producing, updating and distributing marketing and sales content  Fast update of time critical information  Easy management of brand and message consistency  Simple control of content compliance - sales reps have only access to the latest version  Sales reps have all content at hand  Effective way of engaging the client  Valid, unbiased and timely customer intelligence collected in the call/meeting  Aggregated ranking of "view time" on every piece of content  Segmentation based on the clients own input - e.g. values, priorities, specific needs, awareness, preferences etc. - to compliment the usual demographic, functional or geographic segmentation  Use of interactive features, animations, videos etc.
  25. 25. Examples of use
  26. 26. Learning/EdutainmentLearning solutions•Utilize spare time in waiting room•Gain sales rep insight•Edutainment•Learning during office hours
  27. 27. Prelaunch/market researchDetailing, PreLaunch•Market “preparing”•Market research – market perception(you/competitors)•Increasing field force “time– to-peak”•Testing key-messages and content
  28. 28. Detailing/engagementDetailing, Sales tool Censored•Differentiated detailing•Engagement, Interaction and dialogue•Message understanding and recall•Data capture Censored Censored
  29. 29. Patient educationPatient engagement•Edutainment•Compliance and loyalty•Gaining patient/customerknowledge Censored
  30. 30. Care Management CensoredCare Management Censored•Screening of customer/center readiness•Evaluation and assessment•Follow-up Censored Censored
  31. 31. Treatment simulationWorkshop/Case stories•Patient cases•Simulating treatment•Interaction with Peers Censored Censored
  32. 32. MSL Tool/ iDocsMSL content library•Asset library•Easy access•Easy down –and up-load•Sharing content/knowledge
  33. 33. Phase IVPhase lV studies•Recruiting and engaging of Physicianfor Phase lV studies•Keep track of patients in study•Interaction with Patients•On-going monitoring data capture Censored
  34. 34. The Platform
  35. 35. One platform – several starting points •View all your iPad presentations •Eadsy, remote content publication  iViewer •Differentiated distributionMaster presentations •Easy sync & secure authorization Reuse content & platform Analyzer/Spotfire /CRM - Integration Same as above plus: •Monitoring of quantitative information  iPlanner Light on delivered calls •Surveys and data delivered immediately Reuse content & platform  iPlanner – real CLM Same as above plus: •Monitoring of qualitative data on all delivered calls •Target list of doctors •Planned or unplanned calls •Objective handling, notes etc.
  36. 36. Agnitio (i)PlannerCrucial features Easy and Secure download of target list Easy and Secure download of Product presentations Easy on-line synchronization of target list and presentations (over write old version securing uniform messages) Pre-call planning, aligning presentation and messages to customer needs Post-call reporting, remove, add, change post call information Capturing data: customer, medical Rep, date, time, presentation, sequence, perception data etc. Easy/automatic up-load/sync of captured data
  37. 37. Agnitio (i)ManagerCrucial features Ability for customers and agencies to internalize CMS tool to adapt and publish new content. Administrate and manage roll-out of target list and presentations to specific users/sales teams Possibility of shared content library cross therapeutic areas, countries and regions. Including workflow and Medical approval processes License Management System, ability to set-up new users internally and to manage license creation, distribution and modification
  38. 38. Reports and analytics (Visuals)
  39. 39. Overview Censored
  40. 40. Calls
  41. 41. Call Details Censored Censored
  42. 42. CRM Integration
  43. 43. CRM integration
  44. 44. Agnitio CRM Integration API Integration of (i)Planner to customer CRM via the Agnitio CRM standard integration blueprint All in call data captured uploaded automatically to client CRM system (server side integration) The data captured in this way ensures reporting and analysis in the CRM is of the highest quality, immediately and automatically captured. Increasing potential customer contact time, work life balance and accurate data analytics leading to better decision making Key CRM information can be integrated into the (i)Planner giving users key pre call information to adapt message delivery
  45. 45. CRM Integration Reference
  46. 46. ContactChristian HelsengreenGlobal Account DirectorPhone: +45 51 20 52