Top 5 tips for writing management assignment


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Top 5 tips for writing management assignment

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Top 5 tips for writing management assignment

  1. 1. Top 5 Tips For Writing Management Assignment One of the most important subjects in MBA is management. This subject can sometimes be very hard for students to understand, grasp and write an assignment or homework about it. One of the biggest issues that most MBA students face is writing those long and tiring management assignments. Most management students are given case studies as assignments or homework. These case studies can either be live examples, simulated examples or just some random cases. Depending upon the case study, the student needs to analyze and present his or her views and solution to a problem, if any. This needs and in-depth understanding of not just the subject, but the student needs to understand all the things involved in the case study, giving little attention to details and must provide and concise solution to the problem. These case studies have been designed to give a glimpse of how real world works when compared to looking at the world from a small window inside a class room. In more than one way, these case studies make management students ‘industry ready’, ie., being prepared to tackle even the worst case scenarios thrown at them. Tips for writing management assignment Here are some tips that can come in handy while writing a management assignment. Be precise and concise, if needed: If one of your case studies can simply be answered in few lines, then do not hesitate to do that. Being able to arrive at the solution without much fuzz, then it is really good. Do not just add pages and pages of stuff to your answer. If there is no need for any stuff in your answer, your professor would just find it very boring to read all of it. It’s not just about being bored, but more importantly an unimpressive professor can cut down your grade. Use of professional language: As master’s students, you are expected to use professional language in your writing. Use professionally acceptable words in your writing. It adds worth to your work. Abstain from using words, for which you yourself do not know the meanings. This can get you into more troubling than not using professional language. In order to improve your language, read business news and magazines. By doing this regularly, you not only improve your language, but also you’ll be well versed with the latest business and market trends. Audience is important: Though you’re not writing a play, yet it is important that your writing must be targeted at the right audience. Don’t just write your assignments or essays keeping in view your professor. You can address your professor but, put more emphasis on your target audience. Say for example, if your essay is about addressing the stockholders of a company, then you should forget about your professor and start addressing those imaginary stockholders, instead. By practicing this, you’ll inculcate the habit of rightly
  2. 2. addressing your audience, which is very important in the long run. Here you need to consider a very important thing. While in many universities or B-Schools, a stricter writing style is encouraged, while in the real business world, crisper and lighter tone is used. So, strike a balance between these two styles. Overcome writer’s block: Writer’s block can be an issue with students who are trying to write too many things at the same time. This can happen to anyone and it has happened to many in the past. In order to overcome this writer’s block, it is suggested that you take up writing on a daily basis. If you have a habit of keeping record of every day events or what some people from Victorian era call, personal diary. Some experts say that writing daily can help thoughts to flow freely. So, turn your writer’s block into writer’s blog! Have a casual chat with your friends: This tip can be very different from the ones above. Have a casual chat with one or more of friends about the latest business or market trends, or what’s making business news lately. This is one of the effective ways to improve your knowledge and by having a casual conversation with your friends, it is a fun way to learn as well. This can not only help in your academics in a different way, but also good for peer bonding. For more details visit our website at