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Top 5 tips for writing a good essay


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Top 5 tips that would help you writing a good essay

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Top 5 tips for writing a good essay

  1. 1. Top 5 tips for writing a good essay Essay writing is one of the very important tasks for students. Almost all students are given essays as assignments or homework. As the standard increases, so does the complexity of the essay involved. For many students, writing an essay can be very frightening. Especially high school and college essays can give nightmares to some students. There are certain tips, if followed can give you a good essay. Generally, high school or college essays are not about academics, but they are about general stuff ranging from politics, society, movies, arts and hobbies, etc. An essay can, not only tell about your level of understanding of the topic but it can also tell a lot about how you think and behave. Tips for writing a good essay Be honest: It is very important to be very honest. Bluffing in any of your academic work can only land you in more trouble. If the essay asks you to write about your achievements till date, don’t just bluff. Instead, admit truthfully that you’ve haven’t achieved anything. It’s perfectly alright not to have achieved something. But it is not okay, if you lie. Give an honest opinion: Sometimes, the essay would be about justifying or opposing a statement. As a member of society it is your responsibility to know what is happening around you and hence, you are expected to give an honest opinion. Plain simply saying, “yes, I agree to the statement” or “no, I don’t agree to this statement” just wouldn’t work. You have to give your reasons. Make sure you have some good reasons to give. Approach differently: Agreeing or disagreeing to a statement would only be the two options that most people can think about. But, if you really have opinions that are different from plain agreeing or disagreeing, give them. You’d be adding a different angle of approach to the problem, if you really have a different angle of approach. Do not discuss personal problems: Some students have the habit of making a laundry list of their personal problems in essays. This is also not a very good idea. Everyone in the world has one problem or the other. If you have a problem, learn to deal with it or forget it. Instead, do not discuss it in your essay. Do not use abusive language: You are applying for high school or college and that’s not the place to use abusive language. Even a sign of abusive language or profanity can cost you your admission in that particular college or high school. So, do not, under any circumstances use abuse or profane words against anyone. By following these tips, you can definitely write a good essay and earn admission in your favorite high school or college. Wishing you all the success from