Top 5 tips for doing php assignment


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Top 5 tips that would help you doing php assignment easily

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Top 5 tips for doing php assignment

  1. 1. Top 5 Tips For Doing PHP Assignment PHP, a server-side scripting language which is often used for web development and general purpose programming has been one of the popular languages in the recent times. Developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdort, it is being used in several web based fronts such as server-side web development, server-side scripting, web application frameworks, dynamic web page creation and dynamic web content creation, web content management systems and also relational database management system. PHP is a simple but powerful language designed to create HTML based web pages. PHP makes it easier to generate HTML based content which makes it easier to send content from servers to clients very easily. This content includes XML documents, graphics, flash animations, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG files and more. PHP has universal adaptability, in the sense that it can be run on most operating system platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, etc. Apart from its operating system compatibility, PHP also supports major databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, SQLite, MangoDB, ODBC Compliant Databases and web servers like Apache, Netscape and Microsoft IIS. Needless to say, with all the above information, it seems like PHP is an ocean in itself. Yes, it is. But, to take on the ocean, you need your tools of survival. Here are some tips that can help you in crossing the PHP ocean. Tips for doing PHP assignment Here are some tips to make your PHP assignment or homework much easier. Mastering the basics: As any subject, PHP is based on certain basic concepts or rules that govern the functioning of the whole system. You need to master them before going deeper into the subject. These concepts include control structures, global variables, functions – string, variable, array, date/time, mathematical and MySQL, etc. An understanding of these functions can be very helpful in advanced programming in PHP. Prior knowledge of programming languages: As a programming language, PHP borrows many features and syntax from other languages such as C, Java, Perl, etc. So, if you’ve already learned other programming languages, it can be easy for you to learn PHP. Apart from this, prior knowledge or HTML and XML is also necessary for easy learning of PHP, as PHP uses HTML syntax in while programming webpages. Make rough draft: Before you start to write down the code, you first need to make a paper draft of what you want to do. This includes the basic path that you want to take during the coding process, the steps involved must also be written down in a logical and step by step manner in a flow-chart. This will help you in taking the right path towards the end result.
  2. 2. Starting a code without the end result in mind can make you strand halfway in your project with nowhere to go. Learn built-in PHP functions: PHP has built in functions that make it very easy for you while writing code. These built-in functions have number of utilities that not only make your work faster, but you can also become more resourceful during the learning stage itself. Explore PHP for its various functions. Employing frameworks: Frameworks or templates, in simple terms are already written programs. You can use such programs, if they are small in your code and make your work easier. But, if you are still learning concepts, then it is not advisable to use them, as you wouldn’t understand their functioning nor syntax that easily. We hope that your PHP assignment or homework project goes well with our tips. For more details visit our website at