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Top Ten Tips for Exam Preparation


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Here are few tips for preparing yourself for the exams . Visit at

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Top Ten Tips for Exam Preparation

  1. 1. Ten tips for Exam Preparation College students are the collage of diversified backgrounds, cultures, communities and areas. Some are totally concentrated on their studies and some are not that much concentrating upon studies, but for both types of students same challenge is ahead, the final examination. But the truth is that generally students start preparing for the exam before a short period of time. In this short period of time you have to read, remember, realize, prepare, practice and perspire enough for your big day- the final exam. Doing so many things is a big challenge and headache, but this can be avoided by following some tips given below. Prepare a time table that suits you best: Waiting to study the night before the exam is very harmful and this can lead to failure. Start your exam preparation at least before two months. Before you start studying, prepare a time table in such a manner that it will cover all the subjects, chapters perfectly within the time period. Importance and grasping power of subjects varies among students. Give some extra hour to the subjects in which you think you are quiet weak. Read the easier subjects within the intervals and keep some time for taking rest. Concentrate, Confident and Commit: Keep concentration on your studies, don’t let your mind to be diverted towards family, friends or other social obligations. Take a break from your work till the end of the exam, if you are working. Don’t be afraid of exam and don’t take extra stress because these can become hindrance of getting good percentage. Don’t just read rather make notes and remember bullet points: Don’t study just to wrap up the subjects. Rather make a notes with bullet points, so that you can remember, realize and write the answer in your own words which makes difference and bring good marks. Study in a calm and quiet environment: Study in such a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and favorable. It gives more concentration to study. Don’t use cell phones, Facebook or such types of thing that may make your mind diverted. Study in such a group that adds value: Exam time is very precious and valuable. Always keep this in your mind It’s good to study in a group if all are preparing for the same exam, which leads to sharing of knowledge, discussions, learning and can help you in remembering many things within a short period of time. But make sure that entire group should remain focused towards studies and no distraction should take place. Choose your best time to study: There is nothing like best time to study. The night gives more silence, creativity and no distraction whereas the day gives more energy, natural light and a very good chance to study in group. Choose what you like and stick to that.
  2. 2. Speed up yourself but keep intervals: Don’t hurry during the exams. Read and understand the question, answer it precisely and make it to the point. This can take some time so, don’t rush yourself. Rushing, sometimes can make your forget some answers. Sleep well and eat healthy food: Don’t think that sleeping is wasting of time during exams. It brings more energy and concentration. Sleep for at least 6 hours, try to avoid oily and junk foods as much as possible, rather eat foods which give more energy for a longer period of time. Eat more fruits and vegetables that digest easily and make your tummy light. Write the answers neatly and make it well presentable: There is a saying that first impression is the one that lasts long. Write the answers neatly, use margins and make the answer well presentable. Meditate: Everyday meditate for 10 to 15 minutes, it gives immense peace, stability energy, calmness to mind and increases the concentration. These are some useful tips for students preparing for final exam. Hope these ideas will lead you to get good grades in the examination. All the very best. Tutor Panorama provides homework help, online tutoring to school, college and graduation students with an affordable price.