Mud on Our Hands


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An introduction to the Sidoarjo Mud Flow Disaster

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Mud on Our Hands

  1. 1. MUD ON OUR HANDS! Australian Sidoarjo Assistance Project Fundraising Launch
  2. 2. Introducing… Memperkenalkan….
  3. 3. Your Neighbours Tetanggamu
  4. 4. At work in the fields… Bekerja di sawah…
  5. 5. In the factories Di pabrik
  6. 6. At home Di rumah
  7. 7. Living life Menjalankan hidup
  8. 8. As family… Sebagai keluarga…
  9. 9. As Friends Sebagai Teman
  10. 10. Just growing old…
  11. 11. In my Beautiful Village… Di Desaku yang Indah…
  12. 12. Until my Beautiful home…
  13. 13. …became the site of a drilling operation…
  14. 14. …and was completely destroyed.
  15. 15. Lapindo, Bakrie Groups, Medco, Santos- they all deny responsibility
  16. 16. Mud-flow refugees are not viewed as the victims of natural disaster. At the same time they have not been recognised as the victims of a corporate crime. Where does this leave us?
  17. 17. What have we lost?
  18. 18. Up to 50,000 of us have lost our homes. Thousands of the less fortunant live in cramped conditions in tents and vacant stalls at the refugee camp of Pasar Baru Porong.
  19. 19. The Indonesian government refuses to press charges against Lapindo and the East Java police have dropped all investigations. In January this year a lawsuit bought Indonesian NGO Walhi was rejected when the court decided there was insufficient evidence to show that the mudflow was a man- made disaster. After two years, the Indoniesan government has not implemented a comprehensive assistance program.
  20. 20. We have tried to work for justice- but the court dismissed us.
  21. 21. We have tried to protest… but no one listened.
  22. 22. So we wait, without homes, without work, without help.
  23. 23. Maybe people just expect these things to happen to us because we are living in the ‘third world’…
  24. 24. But isn’t there just one world? Aren’t we all a part of it together? If we are neighbours, then we should not turn our backs on one another.
  25. 25. We’d like to have a bright future too.