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Using Page Abandonment to Get More Sales


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You can automatically email people that visited a product page but didn’t start the purchase process. This is called “page abandonment”, and it can be powerful to get more sales. Learn how to increase your sales by using a page abandonment campaign. Find more on our blog at

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Using Page Abandonment to Get More Sales

  1. 1. USING PAGE ABANDONMENT TO GET MORE SALES For more, visit InsightsfromJohnMcIntyre
  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF PAGE ABANDONMENT Thisisfromaninterviewonwww.eCommerceScale.comwith Pageabandonmentcampaignsenableyou toautomaticallysendanemailtosomeonethatvisitsaproduct pageonyourwebsitewithoutstartingthepurchaseprocess. Johnsharesinsightsintocreatinganeffectivepage abandonmentcampaign. Healsotalksaboutusingcertaintools andbestpracticesatthestartofthecampaignandhowto graduallybuilduponit. Formore,
  3. 3. CONFIGURE YOUR EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE Startwithconfiguringemailmarketingsoftwaretotrackwebsite activitytobeabletoaddpeopletothesecampaignsbasedonthe activity. - Useadvancedemailmarketingtoolsandsoftwarelike - Havewebsitetrackinginplacesoyoucanaddpeopletothis campaignbasedonpagestheyvisitonthewebsite.
  4. 4. CREATE A PAGE ABANDONMENT SEQUENCE Createapageabandonmentemailsequence - Itshouldstartwiththeproductpagethatgetshighesttraffic - Thenconfiguretheemailmarketingsoftwaretoaddpeopleto thiscampaignwhovisitedthispagewithoutaddingthe producttothecart.
  5. 5. IDENTIFY WHY PEOPLE DON'T PURCHASE Start identifying trends or reasons of why people left your websi without making a purchase by sending just 1 email asking them why they didn’t buy the product. - Send these people an email that asks about why they didn't actually buy your product - The email message should be focused on identifying the speci reasons for people leaving your website without making a purchase.
  6. 6. CREATE FULL CAMPAIGN ADDRESSING THESE REASONS Createasequenceofemailsthatsendsthesepeopleemail(s) over aperiodoftimeaddressingthesereasonsfornotactuallybuying yourproducts. Thegoalistoaddresseachofthemainreasonspeoplehavefor notbuyingtheproducts.
  7. 7. IMPROVE CAMPAIGN OVER TIME WITH TESTING Continueworkingonrefiningyourpageabandonment campaign. - Measurethesalesgeneratedfromthecampaignovertime - Testdifferentemailcontent/ emailmessages - Adjustthesequencei.e. daysafterwhichthe followupemailsaresenttobemosteffective
  8. 8. WANT MORE? Listen to the full interview and see the detailed blog post at is brought to you by, done for you website chat service.