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  1. 1. We attract worthy causesVenture Lab OAP May 19, 2012
  2. 2. Why• People like to improve their neighborhood.• Meet like-minded people.• Giving back.• Feels good to help others.
  3. 3. Concept and Vision• Primary source to find volunteers to organize a charity event.• Focus on local charities.• Create social campaigns and market them to a community. (leveraging existing ones on FB to start with)• Ultra low cost for event organizers (i.e. charities).• Designed for user experience• Visible outcome via recognition and updates to the event. (on various social networks).
  4. 4. Market Analysis - Users Amount of money donated in the past year to charitiesDo you volunteer?How do you know about such volunteer activity? Did you raise funds for charity in the past 5 years Conclusion: 1. Users prefer to volunteer over either donation or fundraising. 2. Users learn of volunteering activities through social circles.
  5. 5. Customers• Client and users o Clients are non-profits seeking help on a campaign • Any 501C(3) seeking a campaign drive, either volunteer work or funding o Users are the volunteers or money donors • They will provide volunteer work or donate money.
  6. 6. Business Model Business Revenue Scalability Challenges• #1 site for users • Funding - % cut • Scale to • Finding clients to contribute to based on the different and users their size of charity & cities/regions neighborhood the funds • User privacy requested • Hire recruiters• Help smaller to contact clients • Prevent scams clients in local • Volunteering – in fundraising area Fixed fee based • Further develop on head counts company • Low cost of• Flash mob style infrastructure entry - Need to to help specific • Paid premium - distinguish cause Fixed fee for ourselves from front page competitors• Social proof via campaigns badges and (Labeled) followers
  7. 7. Competition••••• How are we different: o Recommendation engine for users to find similar charities and charities to target new users. o Being local. o Do the social part right. o Update the volunteer/donor on how far their money/time went.
  8. 8. Adaptation• Survey shows: o Volunteer > Donation > Fundraising o Users prefer local events o Users learn of such opportunity mostly from friends or work• New plan: o Focus on local non-profits • Starts with Silicon Valley o Friendly community setting • By interests and social circles o Reward users with badges • Increase credibility o Promotion for random campaign • Increase user awareness and page views