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Disaster Preparedness Legal Documents You Should Have


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These are the main documents you should have when you have been the victim of a disaster. Be prepared and have a disaster plan to and to include in your disaster preparedness plan is the most important documents you will need at hand. Find out about the 10 most important disaster documents you will need.

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Disaster Preparedness Legal Documents You Should Have

  1. 1. Emergency preparedness: Legal Documents You Should Have
  2. 2. A recent survey shows that 80 percent of businesses suffering from a disaster of any kind, without an emergency backup plan, go out of business. Another important statistic shows that over 258 million people are affected by natural disasters yearly, over the past decade. It is disappointing to note that over 75 percent of people do not have a backup plan in case of disaster. Furthermore, a whopping 60% of people said that their recovery plans were not successful. These sobering statistics highlight the need for a solid backup plan. Having a solid emergency plan is very paramount in this age
  3. 3. Disasters can strike at any time and they can be very devastating. Worse than the effect of these catastrophic events is that a lot of people are not prepared for it. Disasters could come in the form of hurricanes, fire outbreaks, tornadoes, accidents, flooding, and earthquakes. They leave behind a trail of injuries, property damage, death, homelessness and economic loss. Therefore, preparing an emergency backup plan is of utmost importance.
  4. 4. It is important to note that documentation should be a key part of any emergency backup kit. In the aftermath of a disaster, it is very important that you have access to your insurance, medical, financial and legal documents as they will ease you through recovery. We will help you prepare for disaster by taking you through a list of important legal documents you should have in case of a disaster. You may also want to lodge copies of these documents with a trusted Attorney.
  5. 5. Ten Legal Documents you should have in case of a disaster
  6. 6. INSURANCE POLICY DOCUMENT This is one of the most important documents that you should include in your emergency preparedness kit because your insurance policy indemnifies you again possible disasters. An insurance policy document contains a contract between the insured (policyholder) and insurer. The documents contain the benefits the insurer is required to pay the insured in case some initially defined events occur. The documents that contain the details of your insurance policy is known as insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS). Therefore, it is necessary to secure this document as it protects your loss, it should be an important inclusion in your emergency preparedness kit
  7. 7. WILL AND TESTAMENT A person’s will is a legal document that contains how they (testator) want their property to distributed at death. It also includes the names of the people (executor) who should manage the property before it is distributed. Therefore, your will is another must-have document in your emergency preparedness kit. The absence of a will or testament often generates problems for successors during property document. Securing your will is very important in ensuring the continuity of your legacy and it is often to have copies of this document with your family attorney.
  8. 8. MORTGAGE AND DEED DOCUMENT The mortgage is a legal document that temporarily transfers the title of ownership of a property to a third party (known as trustee) to hold as collateral for a loan. A mortgage and deed document often contain the following information; the settlement statement (HUD), the promissory note and the mortgage or deed of trust. it is a legal necessity to make sure that the deed of trust documents is secure, even in the happenstance of an emergency because this documents completely eliminates the possibility of lenders requesting referee fees on your mortgage and prevent early foreclosure on your property.
  9. 9. POWER OF ATTORNEY DOCUMENT The power of attorney document is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone (often known as attorney- in-fact or agent) to act on your behalf in business transactions, legal cases or private affairs if you are not able to do so. This document grants the agent permission to make short and long-term decisions in case you are hospitalized, missing or in a coma. Unfortunately, if you sustain any serious injuries during the course of the disaster and you cannot produce a point of attorney document. It becomes extremely difficult for your family to access your finances. Therefore, it is necessary that this document should be part of your emergency preparedness kit and end of life plan
  10. 10. TRUST DOCUMENTS A trust is a legal document that contains all the rules that want to be followed, as regards your property held in trust. This document defines the trust and it includes information like beneficiaries, settlor, trustee and the terms and conditions of the contract. This document is very important as it reduces property tax liability, protects your property and it also helps to avoid probation. This means that if you have to make a trust or you own one, then it is in your best interest to ensure that you make copies of all the documents relating to it in case of an emergency.
  11. 11. TITLE AND DEEDS TO PROPERTY YOU OWN In property law, a title refers to documents that contain the rights of a person in partial or full ownership of a property. With this document, you can easily transfer ownership of a property to another person without physically moving the property. You should order the titles and deeds regarding all the property you own and make sure that you include them in your disaster preparedness kit. It is also necessary that the documents being secured are the actual documents from the government and not photocopies so as to own a legal proof of ownership in case of a disaster.
  12. 12. CITIZENSHIP DOCUMENTS The citizenship or naturalization document is very important especially if you are not a citizen. A citizenship document is a legal document that proves that you are a legally accepted as a citizen of a particular country. Often, people are not asked to show citizenship but when applying for something (like a job position), you are required to present a proof of citizenship. The several documents that could prove citizenship include birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship, naturalization certificate. It is necessary to get copies of your citizenship papers safe to ease recovery in case of an accident.
  13. 13. DIVORCE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT DOCUMENTS A divorce settlement agreement document, otherwise known as marital settlement agreement is a document that contains information regarding the terms of a divorce settlement. The information contained in the divorce settlement agreement includes child support and custody information, property distribution, spousal support and other crucial information. The availability of this document completely eliminates or lessens the need for a court to intervene in any issue regarding the separated couple. To avoid any issues outside wedlock, it is very important to safeguard divorce settlements documents.
  14. 14. WORK PERMIT DOCUMENTS A work permit is a legal document issued by the government to allow a person take up a job in a foreign country. If you are not a citizen of a particular country, it is necessary to safeguard your work permit as it is your key to earn your living. Work permit documents should be an important inclusion in your emergency kit.
  15. 15. LEASE DOCUMENT A lease document is a legally binding document that contains contract between the lessee and the lessor that gives the lessee rights over an asset controlled by the lessor. During the period of the lease, the lessee is responsible for managing the leased property. In case of any complications, the lease document which contains all the terms of the contract is used to rectify such issues. Reasons like this are why it is necessary to make sure your lease documents are well secured even in case of an emergency.
  16. 16. Conclusion It is important to take an inventory of all the important documents in your custody, then make a list of the most important documents of the lot. The list should contain all the legal documents listed above amongst other necessary insurance and medical records. Their documents should be part of your emergency preparedness kit and you should ensure that they are kept in places where they cannot be destroyed. Recovering from a disaster is difficult, but what’s more difficult is not having access to all the documents that can make recovery a lot easier.