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G 4, schlieffen plan


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G 4, schlieffen plan

  1. 1. • Germany wanted to front avoid WAR.  Chief of staff: Alfred von Schlieffen  Priority: Defeat France quickly forcing them to surrender before Russia had a chance to mobilize her armed forces.  He proposed attacking France through: • Holland • Belgium • Luxemburg  Difficult adversary: Russia and the need to knock out France early. 1906: Helmuth von Moltke made same alterations to the plan.
  2. 2. Helmuth Von Moltke http://media- media/40/9940-004-63A4875B.jpg c. 1907. Berlin
  3. 3. GERMANY invaded FRANCE on 4 AUGUST. Soon, enormous numbers of well-equipped Germans, were moving towards the French border. 23 OF AUGUST BEF landed in FRANCE and met the advancing Germans! Look at the map on the next The British expedionary Force - page!!! Google hp:// 1161834-03E28A8F000005DC-952_468x281.jpg
  4. 4. 10th September BATTLE Consequences French and British forces were able to prevent the German plan for a swit and decisive victory, preventing the success of the S Plan. Long term, forcing Germany to fight a two-front war. German Army, was not beaten. Their retreat, ended of a short war fot the French and British.
  5. 5. SOURCE 2
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