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Assignment n 3 2011


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Assignment n 3 2011

  1. 1. ICT Applied to English Teaching- 2011Unit 3Assignment N° 3: Internet Based Project WorkDue date: 13th September, 2011Objectives: - To design project work based on Internet software. - To apply self-assessment and peer-assessment techniques. - To apply APA system to academic papers.TASKS: (Individual or in pairs) - Think of a possible unit of work (topic based) and the level of the students you would like to plan this unit for. - You will now design project work for this unit. Your project will have 3 lessons and it will include Webquest. - Make a list of possible websites to be used for the project (respect APA style). Use a word document to write your plan. Write a brief evaluation of the websites you have chosen using the guidelines suggested by Dudeney & Hockly (2007) How to Teach English with Technology (p.34) - Plan the 3 lessons respecting the “Warmer, Web, What next” model suggested in the book (your unit plan should include screenshots of the pages to be used). - Decide what part of your project will include the Webquest. Select a Webquest builder and use the guidelines given on page 58 to create it online (make sure your activities are properly saved in Word first). - Remember to include the link to your Webquest in your plan. - Exchange your work with a partner (or pair) and write your peer review on their wall.(August 30th, in class) - Read your peer review, edit your work if necessary and upload your project on Campus (September 6th, in class) - Share your work in your profile in the network using Slideshare. - Write your self assessment in the correspondent forum.Lic. Paula Ledesma – UTN 2011
  2. 2. Lic. Paula Ledesma – UTN 2011