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Assignment N° 2: Educational Software-Authoring Tools


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Assignment 2 for the course ICT in English teaching

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Assignment N° 2: Educational Software-Authoring Tools

  1. 1. Name: ICT Applied to English Teaching- 2010 Unit 2 Assignment N° 2: Educational Software – Authoring Tools Objectives: - To produce electronic material using Hot Potatoes as authoring tools. - To apply self-assessment and peer-assessment techniques. TASKS: (Individual or in pairs) - Think of a possible unit of work (topic based) and the level of the students you would like to plan this unit for. - Use the 5 exercise-builders in Hot Potatoes to create tasks for your students (Jclose; JMatch; JQuizz; JCross and JMix). Each task should have no fewer than 10 points to be completed or done. Take into account that each activity should have a clear objective which you will need to explain later in your assessment. - Use the Hot Potatoes function called “The Masher” to create an index to your work. - Write a brief unit plan explaining how this unit of work will be completed. Peer review: To be done (at the end of class 6) - You will be given another group’s work to assess. Use the list of questions on page 116 in Dudeney & Hockly (2007) How to Teach English with Technology to assess your partner’s work. Write your assessment on your partner’s profile in the social network. Final draft - Upload all your files to campus (Assignment N° 2) – Due date, class 7: Wednesday September 22nd. - Write your self assessment in the social network. - Present your unit of work to the class. Prof. Paula Ledesma - 2010