Exploiting video assets


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Turning a TV package into a collection of self-contained viral video elements that can be shared via social media in order to extend reach, encourage dissemination, and build an audience.

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Exploiting video assets

  1. 1. RELEASING VIDEO ELEMENTS FOR OTHERS TO USE Deconstructing a TV packageImage by Tim Ellis released under Creative Commons
  2. 2. EXPLOITING VIDEO ASSETS Reaching more people with our stories Image by Xmastree and released under Creative Commons
  3. 3. RELEASING VIDEO ELEMENTS FOR OTHERS TO USE Viral information dissemination Image by Jenny Lee Silver and released under Creative Commons
  4. 4. @helpingmediawww.mediahelpingmedia.org Maximising Video Write-round videos Release each video element in a new, online story Headline Introduction Video Clip Conclusion Curating assets Sharing assets
  5. 5. @helpingmediawww.mediahelpingmedia.org Maximising Video Deconstructing videos Presenting multiple story elements in a new, easy to digest and share format Headline Summary Video Clip 1 Conclusion Introduction Video Clip 2 Introduction Video Clip 3 Introduction Deconstructing Curating Sharing
  6. 6. @helpingmediawww.mediahelpingmedia.org Media Helping Media
  7. 7. @helpingmediawww.mediahelpingmedia.org Media Helping Media