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Prg 421 week 5


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Prg 421 week 5

  1. 1. HELPIDO.COMCLICK HERE TO GET THE SOLUTION !!!!!!!!PRG/421 Java Programming II - Week 5DISCUSSION QUESTION # 1Conduct an Internet search for JavaDB tutorial. You may choose to use either a text-based or avideo tutorial. Follow the steps in the tutorial to learn how to use JavaDB.Modify one of the demo programs with the JavaDB download to create and manipulate your owndatabase.Write a 200- to 300-word description of the challenges you encountered.Post the source code of your program.DISCUSSION QUESTION # 2What type of mobile app would you find useful? What steps would you take to create and deploythis app?Write a program to create a database from the data in the sequential file you created in Week Four.LEARNING TEAM ASSIGNMENTModify the GUI to connect to this database and add entries to it and read entries from it. Entriesread from the database should be displayed in the JTextArea or JTable.Test and debug this final program.CLICK HERE TO GET THE SOLUTION !!!!!!!!