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Sarah Leggett, The National Archives


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Sarah Leggett, The National Archives

  1. 1. Ten years of email marketingat The National ArchivesSarah Leggett, Marketing Manager17 May 2012
  2. 2. Ten years on• October 2002: 5,000 subscribers• October 2003: 50,000 subscribers• May 2012: 190,000 subscribers
  3. 3. Monthly news and updates• Regular communication tool for our customer base• Average 32% open and click-to-open rates• Still relevant and more effective than social media for communicating with our average customer
  4. 4. …and lots more!• Crucial channel for promoting our commercial services (bookshop, digitised records)• Important leverage for licensing and partnership deals
  5. 5. Who are our subscribers?
  6. 6. ..and where in the world are they?!
  7. 7. Our plans• Continue to build our database: cross-promotion with social media, recruit on site visitors, embed sign-up widget in blog• Integration with CRM: segmentation, targeting, gather more data• Trying new ideas: design, content, timing (geographical), dynamic content, personalisation, re-engagement• Develop how we use email for stakeholder updates (archives sector, academic research, government contacts)• Sign up now at