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Alan Ferguson, Central Bedfordshire Council


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Alan Ferguson, Central Bedfordshire Council

  1. 1. @alanfergs Alan Ferguson – Web Manager Central Bedfordshire CouncilCentral Bedfordshire Council
  2. 2. What do we use? You need someone to champion email marketing (In Central Bedfordshire Council…it’s me)Central Bedfordshire Council
  3. 3. Our winning formula No automation Keep it consistent Focus content We don’t spamCentral Bedfordshire Council
  4. 4. Build on what you’ve already got 7,800 114 topics and growingCentral Bedfordshire Council
  5. 5. Shout about it!Central Bedfordshire Council
  6. 6. Know your targets27% 10% open rate CTR Time for A/B testing?Central Bedfordshire Council
  7. 7. Thanks for listeningConstantly promote the serviceKnow your targetsMake it personal@alanfergsCentral Bedfordshire Council