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China tel

  1. 1. [Abstract] era of customer relations, so that the relationship between enterprises and customers hasbeen unprecedented attention. More and more practice has proved that the key to business success liesin attention to customer needs, meet customer needs in order to provide products and services toensure that customers receive higher levels of satisfaction, by improving customer loyalty to maintain acompetitive advantage. Based on the analysis of China Telecom after the status of customer relationshipmanagement on how to improve customer loyalty and China Telecom to make a few responses. [Keywords:] China Telecom customer loyalty At present, Chinas telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly fierce competition in thecomplex, individual enterprises to provide the same quality of service are more or less, the customerand the competition for the establishment and cultivation of loyal customers is the focus of competitionand key. To maintain and enhance customer loyalty, which means to enhance the contribution of theenterprise customer, so that the competitors can not compete for this part of the market share, reduceadministrative costs and Marketing expenses, bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise. As Chinasthree major telecom operators with the competitive situation between the escalating price war isintensifying. But in fact, the domestic carriers have already tasted the bitter fruits brought by owninghousehold: further increase in the proportion of low-end customers, adding to customer churn,resulting in a certain degree of operator unrealistically high number of customers. First, China Telecoms customer relationship management status Running through a period of time can be seen, telecommunication enterprises to improve thecustomer service efforts made to obtain a considerable number of large customers agree, and some hadlost major clients, and now re-select the original carrier providers, the current customer returnphenomenon is gradually increased. Overall, Chinas major telecom companies for customer service isobviously on the one level, but there are still some problems. 1. The work of major clients within the enterprise system is incomplete Great customer service should be a system which needs coordination with various departmentswithin the enterprise. Currently, most telecom companies set up a large customer service department,but with the Bureau of the co-ordination with other departments of a number of issues still to beresolved. On the whole, the lack of a sound background support system and can share a bigcustomer information management system, and major client departments lack the necessary powers, itis difficult to mobilize additional resources for large enterprise customers; In addition, the activities andoperations sometimes can not synchronize, such as the business sector and vigorously promote abusiness, and customer service to large customers is not well with the Marketingof the business,sometimes the customers advice to a certain new business, client manager due to inability to get thelatest information can not be response. 2. Marketing strategy Single Major clients in their needs in different quite different, such as banks, securities companies, militaryand political authorities, large industrial and commercial enterprises and a number of foreign-fundedenterprises demand for telecommunications services such as different. At present, thetelecommunications enterprises may be carried out on the large customer segment, but the use of the
  2. 2. corresponding differences in Marketing strategy is far from enough, to meet market demand forproducts developed less active, lack of flexibility; brand positioning is not clear, products and servicesdifferential advantage is not obvious; the lack of customized according to customer demandpersonalized products can not effectively targeted to specific user groups, such as tariff policy, thegeneral tariff policy for large customers than fixed, do not take into account some variables, while thebusiness volume, the use of time, factors such as different customers on the tariffs requirements aredifferent, there is no backing of a flexible tariff policy, it is difficult to provide satisfactory services forcustomers; too much emphasis on the price of market factors, it ignores the overall Marketing andpromotion in the market appeared to be inadequate, the lack of an effective promotional tool could notfind a good entry point to attract users. 3. Service concept obsolete, quality of service to be improved The lack of modern Marketing concepts, the customer more as a telecommunications consumerobjects to the lack of a profound understanding of customer value. Sales to basic business mainly, thelack of high-value of the overall program, while the quality of large customer service staff to beimproved, for large customers with personalized service inadequate capacity, service concepts andmethods have been rivals to meet and even exceed, but not innovative approach , so that customersatisfaction declines, resulting in some users of the service ill and off-grid. 4. Customer relationship management system construction and application level is not high Customer relationship management system is a platform for customer relationship managementapplications and tools, but for China Telecom, the present, from the function of the system to thecompleteness of the application level of the existing system can not meet the need for effectivecustomer relationship management business requirements. Customer data integration and sharingof information, low levels of staff awareness and application of skills in the application of poor, whilethere are some problems with companies such as CRM return on their investment returns exactly howmany? Companies how long to see benefits ? CRM applications to define the scale of what is better?need to invest much money? how widespread the most suitable? What departments are involved? datacollection and input the starting point should be where? from the branch level or from the branch tostart? the above questions is currently become a business need to be resolved. Second, to enhance China Telecoms customer loyalty measures The pursuit of customer satisfaction in order to seek customer loyalty, has become the mostimportant business tasks. Enterprises in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, wemust ensure that both unite to create lasting customer enthusiasm. Carriers found in the commercialcompetition, the current alone product or Marketing to create a sustainable competitive advantage isalmost impossible, to beat competitors, we not only need a draw high quality and excellent products astroke of Marketing, but also To provide customers with service and dealings with customers greateffort, that is, require companies to interact with customers the way a breakthrough. 1. To implement service-oriented Marketing strategy At present, China Telecom as soon as possible to major clients, work from productMarketing andmarketing-based to service-based, the use of customer relationship management concept, greatcustomer service and establish a new mechanism, from the three excellent services to one-stop
  3. 3. service, presence-based service, continuous improvement service mode, through the satisfactoryservice, innovation and service brand, enhance market competitiveness. (1) Implementing user-friendly customer management The face of an increasingly complex market environment, China Telecom traditional policy ofcustomer first, heart services business concept will work as great customer service to establish businessservices brand, an important bridge to serve the community, adhere to market-oriented service system,establishing a large customer marketing , customer-centric implementation of personalized, high-standard services, and promote the continuous distillation of the service concept, service levels rising.Expedite the implementation of large customer service work in the development of personalizedservices to major clients to build brands. Telecommunications market, broken downby industry toindustry and to distinguish between customer groups, the full implementation of largecustomer service industry model, according to industry characteristics take appropriateservice strategy to provide industry-demand for personalized products and advocate tiny office eyes,feel the zero distance human services, so that a simple relationship between the provision of servicesand purchase services, rose to a deeper level of cooperation, enrich the connotation of thetelecommunications service brand, and deepen the connotation of the service, extending the servicearea. (2) to build a high-quality service guarantee High-quality service stems from strong technical strength and belief in pursuit of a higher realm ofservice. In recent years, great customer service for the increasing demands of the situation, ChinaTelecom, telecommunications services, in accordance with international peer evaluation criteriaintroduced a service level commitment to SLA services for multinational companies provide first-class,reliable maintenance and troubleshooting services, through the service the level of commitment todriving service optimization. To minimize the failure rate and most rapid response to the failure of ChinaTelecom in bringing the circuit delivered to the customer for use, the back office of these lines madespecifically for the maintenance of special signs and set up a special maintenance level, took place in thecircuit failure, the first time for customers to troubleshoot problems, and in accordance with therequirements of customers hanging table tests do work, and will, after each failure to provide a detailed,objective, professional failure analysis and troubleshooting reports. 2. For large customers with personalized and differentiated services Compared with the small and medium business customers, large customers communication needs aclear personality characteristics. To data services, for example, large customers personalized features:large customers in different bandwidth, real-time, safety, circuit availability, etc. requirements aredifferent, different sectors of major clients in the communications networking mode on therequirements are different, even if the of the same industry, major clients, due to scale of operation, thedistribution of the different branches, but also have different information requirements, the same largecustomers in different stages of development have different communications needs. Astelecommunications products, especially with the non-sensory data services, high-tech features, thechoice of customers in the telecommunications industry, and networking programs often rely onoperators proposal. Therefore, for large carriers could provide tailored personalized service and willstrive for and maintain the customer to play a crucial role. 3. Building a quality network of communications
  4. 4. Communications network is the carrier of a variety of business and is the lifeline of operators, butalso the reliability of communication quality, safety and timeliness of the basic guarantee. High-qualitycommunications network is a necessary condition to achieve customer satisfaction, but also thefundamental guarantee to obtain customer loyalty. China Telecoms network quality is good or bad should be emphasized to the customers perceptionof metrics to customers personal experience as a network construction and optimization of theorientation. To this end, speed up the process of decentralization reform, at all levels of networkmanagement units to actively innovationideas to change the old concept of network maintenance,network working closely with the market, with customers linked to in the shortest possible time toresolve customer the problems encountered, and for some hot issues, such as high-rise office buildings,elevators, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, basements, highways, tourist attractions and other placescovered by the issue of concentration and control for maximum absorption of traffic, both increasedcustomer satisfaction degree, but also won the economic benefitsfor the enterprise. Repostedelsewhere in the Research Papers Download 4. Enhance customer relationship management CRM system to improve the construction andapplication level With the development of the market and competition intensifies, product constantly upgrading andnew product launches and product differentiation become increasingly smaller, relying solely onproducts have been very difficult to continue a lasting competitive advantage. Telecom companies havebegun to realize that the key to business success lies in attention to customer needs, provide to meetcustomer demand for products and services to ensure customers can choose from a variety of contactsand business to obtain a higher satisfaction with a relatively stable customer relations to withstand theimpact of dynamic competitive environment, seeking differentiation competitive advantage. CRM for China Telecom, in fact is an increase in revenue and optimize profitability, enhancecustomer satisfaction, business strategy, the implementation of the ultimate goal of CRM is to enableChina Telecom from the past product-centric mode of operation of a smooth transition to customer-centric mode of operation, ultimately towards a centralized mode of operation. With its own real needsand currently available information systems, seeking a better starting point in the overall planning beimplemented in phases under the premise after all, a good strategy. Since the majority of currentdomestic operators ininformation technology, both have a good basic conditions, by local businessenterprises (such as customer service, call center transformation, etc.) to proceed with theimplementation of CRM and strive to spend less in the case of shorter time to play a role in a timelymanner will help to ease the current carriers are facing competitive pressures, while conducive tostrengthening business decision-makers step up efforts to invest in CRM confidence. 5. The implementation of innovative strategies (1) The progressive realization of the Telecommunications Mode Green With the development of the times, many customers are valued more than the healthof this theme,this trend will gradually be widely accepted, in order to win more customers, increase marketcompetitiveness, for China Telecom, the can take this as a turning point: that Network Operations green,green marketing services, end-product green. Chinese telecom companies can save network resources,filtering harmful information, thedevelopment of alternative products or new products to achieve theoperating green,environmental protection concepts into their business operation and management
  5. 5. among the top decision-making to the grassroots level from the implementation of staff from agenciesset to training, from product design to production the entire process, from policy makers to establishthe environmental consciousness of all employees, so that enterprises and their products meet theenvironmental requirements of the times and enhance market competitiveness. (2) the establishment of agents, marketing models Whether it is a virtual agent or a physical agent, the value of its existence is to seek more customersshare, retain some of the Group have been clients, enables carriers to have more manpower, materialand financial resources to focus on doing a good job of maintaining focus on customerWork . TelecomAgents to join us, and not as businesses worried about it, got all the enterprises profits, but becausethe real estate agents and operators to maintain a common focus on the customer to increase profitsfor the companies to expand the potential market. Thus see that the establishment of agents of this newmarketing system to promote the optimal allocation of human resources is conducive to customerretention work. (3) a flexible tariff policy For large customers different consumer preferences make the appropriate tariff policy reflects thetelecom business-to-customer value focus, helping to make great customer loyalty. Rental and airtimecan be linked, such as high (low) monthly fee and low (high) fees bundled together, so that customershave a choice, according to a length of customer contracts to provide different preferential treatment,using a variety of discount strategies. References: [1] Bai Changhong, Liao. Based on customer perceived value of customer satisfactionresearch [J]. Nankai Journal, 2001, (6) :14-20. [2] Wang Zuxiang. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the customer relationshipmanagement application [N]. Journal of Shandong University, ,2005-12-22 (9). [3] LIU Yu-min, Zhang Xiaoli, Xu Ji-chao. Customer satisfaction rating of the Quality FunctionDeployment method [J]. Systems Engineering Theory and Practice, 2004, (9) :21-27.Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download