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  1. 1. Since the Philippine is committed to a democratic way of life all school whether public or private have the principal duty of promoting the democratic way of life and developing democratic ideals and principles.
  2. 2. Pre-Spanish period, before the coming of the Spaniards, the early Filipinos has culture of their own. Education was informal. However as a race experience accumulated formal instruction began in the form of initiations rites and religious ceremonies. The priest are priests are called “babaylan”.
  3. 3. Spanish regime, during the early part of Spanish regime, schools were set up for the upper social classes. The first in the educational systems was affected with the promulgation of the educational occurrence of 1863. This law gives Filipinos a complete system of education from elementary to the college level.
  4. 4. American regime, as soon as the American occupied Manila in 1898 they immediately opened schools. A teacher of English was assigned in each school under the supervision of revered McKinnon, captain of the first California Regiment. The American imbued with democratic principles established for the Filipinos a system of free English. These teacher were called “Thomasites” because they cannot aboard the U.S.