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3 Reasons Pinterest Group Boards Will Increase Your ROI


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3 Reasons Pinterest Group Boards Will Increase Your ROI:

If you’re wondering what a group board can do for your bottom line, look no further.

Pinterest group boards are just like regular Pinterest boards except that others are allowed to pin images on your board(s) — by invite only. Don’t worry — when you accept an invitation to a group board it doesn’t take away from the three secret boards Pinterest gives you.

Why group boards?

1.) Tap The Experts: If you are short on time but want to optimize your Pinterest presence consider collaborating on group boards with Pinterest influencers in your target categories. It’s like putting your Pinterest board(s) on autopilot — in the hands of some of the most followed pinners with engaged audiences. This tactic, if brands are matched correctly with like-minded influencers, can dramatically increase followers, repins, brand awareness, website traffic, email signups and sales.

2.) Create New Brand Ambassadors: Sharing group boards with your everyday fans is a great way to get them further engaged and extend the conversation. There are two simple ways to let contributors know they’re welcome. In your board description you can include an email address your brand advocates can reach out to for an invite or ask them to comment on a particular pin letting you know they’d like to be invited.

3.) Contests and Promotions: Using Pinterest group boards for contests and promotions is similar to marketing on Facebook in that you upload an image, add a campaign name, description, landing page and then target people who “like” certain pages and interests. The success is based on the target audience that sees your image. A Pinterest influencer in your target market can get your image seen by millions!

If you are serious about Pinterest you should consider adding group boards as part of your overall Pinterest marketing strategy. It’s important to note that mass invitations are viewed as spam, so it’s in your best interest to do your homework. Pinterest agencies like HelloSociety can save you valuable time and facilitate group board invitations with pinners who have millions of engaged followers in your industry as well as craft a Pinterest marketing strategy to make sure your goals are met. HelloSociety’s Pinterest analytics platform, HelloInsights, can effectively measure success whether you define it by an increase in brand awareness, followers, pins, repins, traffic, leads or sales.

Have you, either as a Pinterest user or brand, collaborated on a group board before? What were the results?

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3 Reasons Pinterest Group Boards Will Increase Your ROI

  1. 1. 3 Reasons Pinterest Group Boards Will Increase Your ROI THE PREMIERE FULL-SERVICE PINTEREST MARKETING SOLUTION
  2. 2. How To Invite Pinners To a Group Board:
  3. 3. Why Group Boards?
  4. 4. 1. Tap The Experts: Put your Pinterest board(s) onautopilot – in the hands of some of the most followedpinners. Stylemaker group board with Michael Wurm – InspiredByCharm
  5. 5. 2. Create New Brand Ambassadors: Sharing group boardswith your everyday fans is a great way to get them furtherengaged and extend the conversation!
  6. 6. 3. Contests and Promotions: Groupboards with Pinterest influencers inyour niche can get your image/contestseen by millions upon millionsconsumers!
  7. 7. Have you, either as aPinterest user or brand,collaborated on a groupboard before? What werethe results?
  8. 8. HelloSociety is a full-service Pinterest marketingand technology firm that helps brands optimizetheir efforts through strategic partnerships withinfluential pinners, robust Pinterest analytics,creative consulting and more. HelloSociety evolvedfrom its roots in HelloInsights, a comprehensiveanalytics platform that launched in April 2012. Foradditional information, please