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Designing with Empathy


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Designing is hard, but there is one best starting point: your users. For a moment, forget about technology, business and design, and focus on the user's pain points. This way, your product will evolve closer to solving your user's daily problems.

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Designing with Empathy

  1. 1. Designing with Empathy Sigit Adinugroho for Google Android Kejar Hackathon 2016
  2. 2. Designing a product is hard.
  3. 3. EngineeringBusiness Design
  4. 4. P People EngineeringBusiness Design
  5. 5. People ignore design that ignores people. Frank Chimero
  6. 6. What would a human do?
  7. 7. Think about demographics
  8. 8. Use your own product
  9. 9. Be a customer support for a day
  10. 10. Test your assumptions
  11. 11. Pain points Broken flows Content gaps
  12. 12. Thank you!