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Hello Scotland are Scotland's most creative Destination Management Company (DMC) specializing in inbound incentive & business travel to Scotland.

This is their company profile details their corporate travel services.

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Hello Scotland Profile

  1. 1. Established  in:  1996   Hello  Scotland  Based:  Glasgow,  covering  all  of   143  DalseCer  Avenue  Scotland   Glasgow  Specialist  Areas:   www.helloscotland.com  •   Incen8ve  Travel  •   Conference  Support   inspireme@helloscotland.com  •   Spor8ng  Support  •   Product  Launches  
  2. 2. A  word  from  Bill,  our  Ambassador…  Hello  Scotland  CUSTOMER  Guarantee   ‘It  ain’t  what  you  do,  it’s  the  way  that  you  do  it’  Crea8vity  HandcraJed  programs,  individually  brainstormed  to    include  innova8ve  &  fresh  ideas,  unique  to  you   Here  at  Hello  Scotland  this  simple  saying  is  at  the  heart  of  what  we  do  because  we  believe  that  our   clients  should  be  offered  an  excep8onal  experience,  no  maCer  what  type  of  program,  budget  or  Unprecedented  Quality   event  they  are  having  in  Scotland.    Standardised  opera8ng  process  means  you  receive  the  same  level  of  service  and  consistency  for  every  project   This  is  why  we  offer  bespoke  handcraJed  incen8ve  and  events  that  ins8ll  the  emo8on  of  Scotland   through  posi8ve  experiences;  passionately  brainstormed  by  me  and  my  team  -­‐  who  are  a  crea8ve,  On-­‐Site  Support   dynamic  and  super  organized  bunch!  We  promise  the  personal  touch,  so  your  clients  have  a  designated  Project  Manager  on  call  24-­‐7  during  their  visit,  so  you  can  relax   We’re  all  passionate  about  Scotland  and  truly  believe  that  it’s  a  wonderful,  emo8onal  and  vibrant   country  where  you’ll  always  find  a  memorable  experience  for  your  visi8ng  group,  what  ever  your  We  Talk  to  You   requirements.    By  con8nuous  communica8on  and  listening  to  client  feedback  we  can  improve  our  processes,  mo8vate  staff  &  efficiently  problem  solve  –   On  the  following  pages  you’ll  find  informa8on  about  our  services,  but  this  just  scratches  the  surface.  giving  you  a  fine-­‐tuned  &  proven  service.     To  really  find  out  if  Hello  Scotland  is  the  right  DMC  partner  for  you,  I  urge  you  to  contact  us  to   discover  what  we  can  truly  offer  –  like  the  intangible  things  you  can’t  always  write  in  a  profile.    Achieving  Your  Objec8ves  We  create  a  program  that  is  specifically  designed  to  help  you  achieve  the  goals  and  objec8ves  of  your  incen8ve  or  event   I  hope  to  personally  welcome  you  in  Scotland  some8me  in  the  near  future,    Member  Experience   Warmest  wishes  We  share  knowledge,  experience,  &  ideas,  giving  you  programs  created  by  individuals  with  years  of  experience  in  the  industry  That  LiCle  Bit  Extra  It’s  the  small  things,  with  no  cost,  that  some8mes  create  an  emo8onal  and  memorable  experience.  Tell  us  what  will  add  value  for  you  or  your  clients!  Our  Responsibility   Bill  Thomson  In  2008  we  were  the  first  UK  DMC  to  be  awarded  CarbonNeutral®   Hello  Scotland  Ambassador    status.  We  con8nue  to  operate  with  these  value,  seeking  greater  sustainability  &  responsibility  to  local  communi8es.     HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com  
  3. 3. Hello  Scotland  IncenCves   A  Scojsh  Incen8ve  with  Hello  Scotland   HandcraJed  Programs   A  Hello  Scotland  incen8ve  will  be  a  mix  of  fun,   We  have  hundreds  of  incen8ve  ac8vi8es  to   surprises,  emo8ons  and  once  in  a  life8me   choose  from  to  create  your  perfect  incen8ve   exclusive  experiences!   program  and  your  Project  Manager  will   handpick  the  best  ones  for  you  and  pull  them   We  believe  that  the  whole  incen8ve,  from   together  into  a  seamless  unique  program  for   airport  welcomes  to  farewell  drinks,  should  be   your  group.   exci8ng,  fulfilling  and  a  unique  experience  for   deserving  incen8ve  winners.     Ac8vi8es  can  be  tradi8onal  Scojsh,  cultural,   historical,  adrenaline  fuelled,  relaxing,   interac8ve,  based  in  the  Highlands,  based  in  the   What  to  Expect  with  Hello  Scotland     city…the  op8ons  are  endless!   When  you  choose  Hello  Scotland  as  your  partner   DMC  for  incen8ve  travel  you’ll  have  access  to  our   incredible  local  knowledge  and  supplier   rela8onships  that  we’ve  built  up  over  15  years  in   business.     You’ll  also  have  a  dedicated  Project  Manager   who  has  the  skills,  knowledge  and  willingness  to   support  you  in  the  planning  stage,  during  the   incen8ve  and  post  travel.    Free  Report!  The  Top  5  Disastrous  Mistakes  DMCs  Can  Make…And  How  To  Avoid  DMCs  who  Make  Them!  The  Hello  Team  produced  this  report  to  help  anyone  who  is  looking  for  a  partner  DMC  in  another  des8na8on.  It  details  all  the  signs  you  should  look  out  for  when  forming  a  rela8onship  with  a  new  DMC  and  gives  you  great  8ps  and  advice  on  how  to  avoid  DMCs  who  could  nega8vely  affect  your  business.    You  can  get  the  report  for  free  at  :  hCp://corporateincen8vetravel.wordpress.com/  
  4. 4. IncenCves  &  Events  –  Sample  Program  Luxurious  Reward  for  Top  Sales  People  ‘Two  nights  of  pure  luxury  and  choice  in  the  Sco8sh  countryside,  to  reward  top  automo;ve  dealers  in  Germany’  LocaCon:  West  &  Central  Scotland  Hotel:  Cameron  House,  Loch  Lomond  Pax:  60  Day  1  Private  high  tea  at  the  hotel  whilst  choosing  ac8vi8es  for  day  2.  Exclusive  BBQ  evening  at  the  Boat  House,  with  DJ  music,  live  Jazz  singer  ‘ The  King  of  Swing’,  a  delectable  ‘whisky  &  chocolate’  tas8ng,  cheese  stall  and  expert  cocktail  mixologists.    Day  2  Exclusive  breakfast,  then  the  following  op8onals:  Guided  trip  to  Edinburgh,  fly  fishing,  Scojsh  field  sports  (falconry,  archery,  clay  pigeon,  rugby  clinic  &  cricket),  a  guided  trip  to  Glasgow,  or  a  golfing  day.  The  day  ended  with  a  Gentlemen’s  Mee8ng  and  a  grand  gala  dinner  at  S8rling  Castle,  complete  with,  piper  on  arrival,  tradi8onal  Scojsh  music  and  a  heart  pounding  Beat  Retreat.  Day  3  Exclusive  breakfast,  then  the  following  op8onal  morning  ac8vi8es:  Adrenaline  on  the  Loch  (speed  boats,  zap  cats,  kayaks,  canoes,  rib  boats,  canoes  and  more!),  a  9  hole  round  of  golf  or  8me  at  leisure  before  departure.     HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com  
  5. 5. Hello  Scotland  Conference  Support  Conference  Support  from  Hello  Scotland   Conference  Logis8cal  Support  Hello  Scotland  are  experts  in  dealing  with   One  of  the  most  important  parts  of  group  travel  logis8cs  /  land  arrangements  and  in  providing   to  Scotland  is  the  logis8cal  support  Hello  you  with  the  on-­‐site  support  required  when  your   Scotland  can  offer  through  our  local  knowledge  delegates  are  in  Scotland.     and  extensive  conference  support  experience.   Examples  include,  hotel  booking,  perfectly  8med  We  believe  that  conference  delegates  should  get   airport  &  conference  transfers,  restaurant  the  chance  to  experience  the  local  des8na8on  as   booking  and  much  more.    well  as  the  beneficial  learning  &  networking  that  the  conference  facilitates.       Conference  Social  Programs     Social  programs  are  an  important  part  of  a   conference  trip  as  they  allow  delegates  to  break   free  from  the  intensity  of  the  congress  to  reflect   and  digest  the  learning  of  each  day.     At  Hello  we  understand  the  needs  of  conference   groups,  from  suitable  restaurants  to  great   Scojsh  ac8vi8es  that  will  give  your  delegates  a   flavor  of  Scotland,  whilst  remaining  rela8vely   close  to  your  conference  loca8on.     Examples  could  include  a  classic  car  rally,   interac8ve  falconry,    a  city  tour  using  ‘Impulse   Interac8ve’  –  a  team  experience  using  android   cell  phone  technology  as  the  basis  for  a  fast-­‐ paced  city  challenge  -­‐  or  ‘simply  Scojsh’   ac8vi8es  like  whisky  tas8ng  or  learning  to  play   the  bagpipes!   HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com  
  6. 6. Hello  Scotland  SporCng  Support  Dealing  with  short  lead  8mes,  mul8ple   Support  for  Board  &  Sponsors  Travel   Team  Support    travelling  groups  and  specific  client  demands  in  a  foreign  des8na8on  can  be  a  difficult  task  for  even  the  most  efficient  of  travel  planner.     We  understand  the  special  requirements  that   spor8ng  teams  have,  for  example  strict  dietary   Member  of  the  board,  the  sponsors  and  special   requirements,  suitable  training  facili8es,  private   VIPs  have  different  requirement  to  the  team,  Choosing  Hello  Scotland  as  your  partner   dining  facili8es,  security  and  much  more.   media  and  business  groups.    Des8na8on  Management  Company  for  sports  travel  to  Scotland  will  instantly  lighten  your  workload  as  you  can  pass  the  logis8cally   Previous  clients  Include:   Hello  Scotland  understand  the  intricate  planning  and  liaising  over  to  us.     •   The  Dutch  na8onal  team  for  2  world  cup     rela8onship  they  have  with  the  other  groups  and      qualifying  matches  against  Scotland   the  requirements  for  social  /  cultural  elements,   top  restaurants  and  first  class  service.    We’ve  had  lots  of  experience  hos8ng  a  variety   •   PSV  Einhoven  for  the  Europa  Cup  game  against  of  team,  their  board  &  sponsors,  business      Glasgow  Rangers  FC  groups  and  the  media  entourage.   •   Alusand  for  the  Europa  Cup  game  against        Motherwell  FC   Business  &  Incen8ve  Support   Sports  Media  Support   Business  groups  a]ending  a  sporCng  event  can   Hello  Scotland  understand  the  requirements  of   include  cultural,  social  and  compeCCve  events   media  groups  who  are  aCending  a  spor8ng   during  their  trip.     event,  for  example  high  speed  internet  and  press   conference  requirements.     Hello  Scotland  are  experts  in  incen8ve    travel,  so   we’ve  got  tonnes  of  experience  and  crea8ve   Our  team  can  easily  and  efficiently  look  aXer  all   ideas  for  your  groups  to  enjoy,  pre  and  post   your  media  partners  when  they  visit  Scotland.       match!  
  7. 7. SporCng  Support  –  Sample  Program   Board  &  Sponsors  +  Business  Partners:   Elite  Supporters   Europa  Cup  Play-­‐off  Program   •   2nd  priority  arrival,  followed  by  a  tour  of           •   Arrival  and  transfer  to  4*  hotels  throughout          Glasgow  on  a  Vintage  Bus,  then  aJernoon  tea          the  city   A  typical  program  and  logis;cal  planning  for  a   spor;ng  group,  based  around  the  Europa  Cup.      at  a  top  venue   •   Transfers  to  and  from  the  game   •   Both  groups  in  equal  4*  hotels,  situated  close     •   Airport  transfers  the  following  morning  in  8me     Team  LogisCcs:        together      for  their  chartered  flight     •   Priority  arrival  and  luxury  airport  transfers  to   •   Evening  dinner  in  a  5*  restaurant      hotel   •   Morning  op8onal  ac8vi8es  ‘a  day  at  Loch       Media   •   Assistance  with  the  selec8on  of  appropriate        Lomond’,  including  a  cruise,  interac8ve     •   Arrival  and  transfer  to  4*  hotels  throughout      training  groups        falconry,  tour  of  a  whisky  dis8llery  or  golf      the  city   •   Liaising  with  hotel  regarding  specific   •   Pre-­‐match  buffet  &  post-­‐  match  party  at  a     •   High  speed  internet  access  when  required      requirements,  e.g.  team  chef,  no  alcohol  meal      private  members  club   •   Transfers  to  the  stadium  for  press  conferences        8mes  etc   •   Luxury  transfers  to  the  game        and  game   •   Luxury  airport  transfers  the  following  morning     •   Airport  transfers  the  following  morning  in  8me     •   Airport  transfers  the  following  morning  in      in  8me  for  their  chartered  flight        for  their  chartered  flight        8me  for  their  chartered  flight    Free  Report!  SporCng  Support  Dilemmas  –  Solved  by  a  Good  DMC!  We’ve  put  together  this  report  to  help  all  sports  travel  planners  with  the  many  dilemmas  that  they  can  face  when  planning  a  spor8ng  trip,  for  example,  special  dietary  requirements,  sports  venue  liaising,  logis8cal  planning  and  looking  aJer  the  need  of  all  of  the  different  groups  that  have  travelled.    You  can  get  the  report  for  free  at  :  hCp://www.sports-­‐travel.scotland.com  (will  be  live  shortly!)   HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com  
  8. 8. Hello  Scotland  Product  Launch  Product  Launches  with  a  Difference…   Examples  of  Hello’s  product  launches  A  product  launch  is  a  criCcal  accumulaCon  of  months,  maybe  even  years  of  planning,   Beauty  &  CosmeCcs  tesCng  and  researching,  coming  together  to  introduce  a  new  concept  or  product  to  the  world.     The  launch  of  a  new  cosme8c  range  to  high  profile   fashion  and  beauty  journalists  from  across  Germany.   The  focus  was  on  crea8ng  a  plaworm  for  emo8on  Here  at  Hello  we  know  how  important  your  product  launch  is  and  we  understand  that   through  nature  –  so  Scotland  was  the  perfect  choice!  you  must  choose  a  launch  loca8on,  concept  and  venue  that  reflects  the  value  of  your  organisa8on,  brand  and  the  product  itself.   Highlights  included  a  walk  along  the  West  Highland   Way  (in  tartan  wellies),  hearing  a  piper  in  the  distance    The  Hello  PerspecCve   whose  sounds  lead  them  to  a  Castle  for  aJernoon  tea  Our  experience  has  taught  us  that  instead  of  gejng  caught  up  in  the  details  of  menus,   and  a  Gaelic  hot  chocolate.  The  launch  took  place  in  décor,  food  and  logis8cs    to  early  (which  nevertheless  are  extremely  important  to  the   an  exclusive  loch-­‐side  venue  which  is  modern,  light  launch),  we  start  by  looking  at  the  bigger  picture  and  consider  how  we  can  help  you   and  airy;  perfect  for  natural  cosme8cs  to  be  launched.    create  a  meaningful  connec8on  between  your  product  /  brand  /  organisa8on,  and  the  environment  in  which  the  launch  is  taking  place  –  not  only  the  landscapes,  but  the  culture,  heritage  and  values  too.     Cellular  Technology   The  launch  of  a  new  mul8media  cellular  phone   needed  to  be  in  an  environment  that  reflected  the  By  crea8ng  a  rela8onship  between  your  brand  /  product  and  the  culture,  heritage  or   strong  tradi8onal  values  of  the  organisa8on,  yet  also  landscapes  of  the  launch  des8na8on  you  can  create  a  emo8onally  connected  and   the  dynamic  nature  of  this  cujng  edge  technology.    complete  ‘experience’  for  guests  to  become  immersed  in  the  essence  your  product;    leaving  a  truly  long  las8ng,  and  more  importantly  posi8ve  memory  about  the  launch  of  your  product.   It  was  important  that  the  launch  incorporated  a   ‘challenge’  so  Hello  Scotland  created  a  ‘Helicopter   Castle  Hunt’  where  the  par8cipants  had  to  use  the  Here  at  Hello  Scotland  we’re  passionate  about  the  versaClity  and  variety  of  opCons   new  mobile  phones  to  take  photos  of  Castles  from  the  Scotland  can  offer  when  it  comes  to  product  launches,  from  the  wilderness  of  the   sky  as  they  travelled  around  Scotland  in  a  helicopter!  Highlands,  luxury  sebng,  technological  wonderment  or  chic  city.  Our  team  can  help  you  brainstorm,  create,  plan,  organise  and  run  successful  and  memorable  product  launch  experiences.     Previous  launches  also  include  several  automoCve   products,  including  a  4x4  in  the  forest,  and  numerous   pharmaceuCcal  drug  launches.       HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com  
  9. 9. Contact  Hello  Scotland   Contact  Us   Our  Project  Team  would  be  delighted  to  assist  you  with  any  Scotland  request  that  you  might  have.    Get  More  Info  from    Hello  Scotland   Or  if  you’re  interested  in  finding  out  more  informaCon  about  Scotland,  Hello  Scotland  or  holding  any  Hello  Scotland   kind  of  corporate  event  here,  click  on  the  links  on  the  leX.    143  DalseCer  Avenue  Glasgow  G15  8TE   A  word  about  Going  Green  with  Hello  t.  +44  (0)  141  944  7224   ‘Going  Green  with  Hello  is  a  Hello  Scotland  accredita8on  based  on  the  environmental  and  green  f.  +44  (0)  141  944  7230   policies  held  by  our  suppliers  to  represent  their  achievements  in  an  easily  interpreted  system.  e.  inspireme@helloscotland.com   For  our  clients,  it  helps  you  match  your  green  policies  with  your  incen8ve  and  corporate  travel  w.  www.helloscotland.com   providers.  Look  out  for  the  accredita8on  logos  below…    Find  out  more  about  organising  corporate  events     Level  3  &  incen8ve  travel  in  Scotland  on  our  blog:   Level  1   This  is  a  valued  Hello  Scotland  supplier  who   This  is  a  valued  Hello  Scotland  supplier   is  already  a  solid  green-­‐thinker  and  who  are  hCp://corporateincen8vetravel.wordpress.com/   who  is  showing  enthusiasm,  interest  and   keen  to  further  improve  their  green   poten8al  dedica8on  in  our  Going  Green   opera8ons  and  share  good  prac8ces  with  us   with  Hello  framework.   through  the  Going  Green  with  Hello  View  videos  of  incen8ve  ac8vi8es  and  Scojsh  fun     framework.  On  the  Hello  Scotland  You  Tube  Channel:  hCp://www.youtube.com/helloscotlandvideo   Level  2   Level  4   This  is  a  valued  Hello  Scotland  supplier   This  is  a  valued  Hello  Scotland  supplier  who   who  has  already  started  on  their  green   excels  in  their  sustainable  tourism  Find  more  images  of  incen8ve  ac8vi8es  &   path  and  who  are  keen  to  learn  beCer   creden8als  and  who  are  keen  to  share  good  Scotland  photos  at:   prac8ces  through  the  Going  green  with   prac8ces  with  us  through  the  Going  Green   Hello  framework.   with  Hello  framework.  hCp://www.flickr.com/photos/helloscotland/   More  informa8on  about  Going  Green  with  Hello  can  be  found  at:   hCp://www.helloscotland.com/meet-­‐the-­‐team/Green-­‐Creden8als/   HandcraJed  Incen8ves  &  Events  By  Hello  Scotland                                                                        www.helloscotland.com                                                                                inspireme@helloscotland.com