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Communities in Action -- Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development


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This is a presentation of UIL publication which identifies principles and policy mechanisms to advance community-based learning for sustainable development, based on the commitments endorsed by the participants of the Kominkan-CLC International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, which was held in Okayama City, Japan, in October 2014. To inform policymakers and practitioners new to this field, the handbook clarifies the international vision and goals for sustainable development and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and identifies the potential contributions of community-based learning centres and organizations. It documents both policy and practice from different regions and concludes with a summary of principles and policy support mechanisms.

Presented by Jose Roberto Guevara in the IX ICAE World Assembly in June 2015.

Full publication is available here:

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Communities in Action -- Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

  1. 1. ©KayamaCity,Japan Community members mobilised for water quality survey. Okayama Kyoyama ESD Environment Project, Japan
  2. 2. ©PILCD,ThePhilippines Community members of Pasdong working together clearing the farmland Disaster Risk Reduction Functional Literacy Project, The Philippines
  3. 3. ©FumikoNoguchi Eco-prise women group making ghee Gram Nidhi, India
  4. 4. Composting demonstration session) Agriculture Training Group Reflect session on writing in a Reflect circle ©Jeunesseetdévelopment,Mali ©Jeunesseetdévelopment,Mali©Jeunesseetdévelopment,Mali VITAL Lifelong Learning Villages, Mali
  5. 5. When Abroad Becomes Home
  6. 6. Moyog Family Literacy Project
  7. 7. Health care and health education at CLC ©UNESCODhaka Ganokendra and Community Learning Centres, Bangladesh
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  9. 9. Dodola Women Group saving Integrated Women´s Empowerment Programme, Ethiopia
  10. 10. ´Weaving Waters´ Project, Brazil
  11. 11. Learning Lounge Programme, Indonesia
  12. 12. GROUP discussion on action principle assigned. Sharing your own experiences illustrating the principle. Share one example to the room. Open discussion on linking global and local actions.