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Hello Common Core Reading © 2013 Jen Jones
Hello literacy Common Core Reading
•These reading response pages are designed to enhance and
supplement any reading program or structure…whether you are
using a published anthology series like Houghton Mifflin as a source
for classroom text or whether you use books from your own
classroom library, a schoolwide leveled book room or your school’s
library. Whether your literacy approach is Reader’s Workshop or
Daily 5 with CAFÉ structures, these reading response pages go
hand in hand with the reading literature instruction you will already
by providing to your students..
•The use of these reading response pages are not scripted or
programmed, there is no right or wrong way to use them. You can
use them in whole group lessons, small group lessons, and all
independent opportunities to read and respond in your
classroom… at a literacy center, as homework, or an assessment.
These reading response pages give students an opportunity to
scaffold the organization of their thinking, in addition to bringing
the essential outcomes of the Common Core State Standards to
their attention.
•Although fiction and non-fiction are a 50/50 split, there is enough
reading response sheets here to last you all year long. I have
indicated on every page the Reading Literature (RL) standard that
the page aligns with…I hope you find this element helpful.
•A similar product for 3-6 and for all the Reading Informational
Text (RIT) standards for grades K-2 and 3-6 is already in the

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