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© 2013 Jen Jones
Hello literacy Common Core Reading
Hello Common Core Reading
•For this product preview, rather than give you a bunch of
tiny snapshots laid on top of each other, I’m showing full
pages, so you can really see what you’re going to get. As
you can see from the Table of Contents, there are many
different sheets to use with each individual standard. For
this preview, I’m including several pages per standard, but
please know there are just as many more good ones in the
packet, just not featured in the Preview. I took a poll on my
Hello Literacy Facebook page, and by far, the TpT buyers
that weighed in, said they preferred full page previews over
lots of tiny snapshots.
•Please also note that the indicating Reading Informational
Text standard with which each sheet aligns is in the upper
right corner of the page.. In addition, each sheet header is
framed in the “I Can” language of the corresponding RIT
Thank you for looking! Jen 

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