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broof is a blockchain-based online certificate issuance service that allows you to issue, manage, and view certificates just by logging in. This product runs on ICON public blockchain and is already being used by South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), which is considered Caltech of Korea, to issue blockchain-stored diplomas to its new graduates and by Saramin, Korea’s #1 HR recruiting company to verify and authenticate work and education certificates.

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  1. 1. The beginning of a new era of certification The easiest way to issue and verify certificates
  2. 2. No need to input recipients info one by one No need to distribute it by yourself No need to reissue it by yourself Issue and manage certificates with ease Blockchain-based digital certificate service Using , experience the simplicity of issuing and managing any digital certificate all on one platform broof is innovative 01 Introduction
  3. 3. ㅋ Using blockchain tech, personal info is safe, secure, and tamper-proof Safe and reliable blockchain certificates Smart management using blockchain Use broof as a service on cloud environment without installation Start on cloud without installation Quick and easy to use Create a template and import a recipient list Two-step certification system broof is unique 02 Key Values Make a template of the certificate you want and just import an excel file of recipients
  4. 4. broof is easy • Upload a certificate template directly or create it on Broof • Customize the template based on your own preferences 03 Service Guide - (1) Certificate Issuing Steps Issue certificates in two-steps • 수령자 명단은 한 명씩 추가하거나 여러 명을 엑셀 파일로 한 번에 올릴 수 있는 두가지 방법이 있습니다. • 엑셀 명단만 있으면 많은 수의 수령자도 한 번에 바로 발급할 수 있습니다. • Add recipients manually or upload an Excel file for bulk issuance • Using an Excel list, a large number of recipients can be entered at once Step 1 Design a certificate template Step 2 Upload recipient list
  5. 5. broof is efficient 03 Service Guide - (2) Sending Certificate Send certificates by e-mail or KakaoTalk any day, any time Recipients can view certificates via web link Issuance and management costs: Only $0.99 each Reducing the time spent to issue and deliver the certificates AS-IS Certificate production cost Certificate delivery charge Labor cost and fee Certificate reissuance cost $ 42.50 $2.75 $ 0.90 Total estimated cost Printing $0.45 Case $2.3 Printing $0.45 Service Fee $0.45 $ 46.15
  6. 6. broof is permanent 03 Service Guide - (3) Viewing and Verifying Certificates Blockchain certificates are saved permanently and can be viewed at any time using bf-ID and QR code You can check and verify the authenticity of certificates at any time through ID and QR code Counterfeiting certificates on broof is impossible Try blockchain verification via bf-ID and QR code Recipients can check, share, and print certificates on their own at any time using the public blockchain network Recipients can view, share, and print certificates on the blockchain. QR Code bf-ID Able to find the original certificate source using bf-ID (unique certificate ID) Scan the QR code to look up the original certificate source
  7. 7. broof is organized 03 Service Guide - (4) Certificates Management Real-time certificate status management Manage certificates’ status (issued, discarded, expired) with ease Manage status of certificates in real time broof allows you to see the status of all certificates in real time so you can manage it directly Management of recipient’s certificate Check all recipients’ certificates directly with only one click
  8. 8. broof is private 03 Service Guide - (5) Privacy Protection All certificates on the blockchain are fully encrypted unless the owner turns on the public option • Recipients can adjust privacy settings to disclose it to the public • Recipients can share access with only specific people Certificate Privacy Settings • Each certificate issued by broof will have its own bf-ID • Personal information in the certificate is encrypted and stored in the blockchain privately Certificate Privacy Protection Unique ID (bf-ID) Blockchain Verification
  9. 9. broof is flexible 03 Service Guide - (6) Usage of Certificate Recipients can submit certificates directly to a company or companies can leverage broof’s simple APIs 사람 인 Broof certificates available on Saramin (Top job search platform in Korea) Company The APIs on broof allow you to easily work with other systems enabling faster adoption Interact with other systems using APIs
  10. 10. Seoul Metropolitan Government / Certificate showing Membership of Policy Team Korea Productivity Center / Korea-Vietnam Curriculum Completion Certificate POSTECH / 2020 Graduate Degree Usage Cases broof is adoption 03 Service Guide - (6) Usage of Certificate broof is already used in many systems in Korea
  11. 11. Usage History Issuers can check their usage history and the number of remaining certificates they have 04 Advanced Service Guide - Certificate Management Issuer is able to issue, revoke, and revise certificates with ease See the list of certificate projects at a glance Project Management Issuers can check certificate status, revisions, revocations, and information Dashboard Managing certificates on the dashboard Issuers can view a list of all issued certificates and discarded certificates Project List
  12. 12. • Recipient can check certificates on the web and mobile • Upload certificate and digitize it on the blockchain so that recipient can store it permanently • Users can scan their own certificate and upload it to broof Uploading CertificateCertificate Management 04 Advanced Service Guide - Certificate Management Recipient can upload, digitize, and store certificates
  13. 13. T. 070 – 4249 - 6828 Contact info 3F West Wing, Signature Tower, Cheonggyecheon-ro 100, Jung-gu, Seoul