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Ice breakers are good for business


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Using ice breakers in a business setting can energize teams, improve productivity and morale and connect team members in ways that will get them working with their differences.

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Ice breakers are good for business

  1. 1. ICE BREAKERS FOR TEAM BUILDING …GOOD FOR BUSINESS Presented by: Darcie Davis Top Game Gal
  2. 2. Why do some teams fail? It takes training to be collaborative.
  3. 3. The Challenge for all managers: - Understand the differences - Be okay with the differences- Find advantage in the differences
  4. 4. Using right brain activities, like ice breakers, isbeneficial when these variables are present: • Personalities • Budgets • Timelines • Technology • Resources
  5. 5. Using Ice Breakersis Good for Business!
  6. 6. People Problems RequireSpecialSolutions. (Very special solutions)
  7. 7. Traditional Solution Options The Lecture I expect you to get along… You can do it! Positive Reinforcement
  8. 8. Cut Wages Sorry, cutbacks …Now, I expect better things from you… Increase Pay I want to hear how both Therapy of you feel…
  9. 9. First, I’ll hear your side Referee of the story, then…If this behavior doesn’t Probation improve by… Happy Hour? Anyone? Denial
  10. 10. Using an alternative approach to solving people problems is a: Games-Way-of-Thinking
  11. 11. Using a Games-Way-of-Thinking “How can I diffuse this problem?” “What’s the real issue here?”“If I can solve the problem and connect people at the same time…” “If I can substitute fun or levity to make this problem get resolved…..”
  12. 12. Replace Lectures With a Games-Way-of-Thinking“John and Mary, you must A communication learn to get along!” v. improvement game s.
  13. 13. Truth Good teamscan function well in spite of because oftheir differences.
  14. 14. Take AwayImagine and implement new small ways to infuse a games-way-of-thinking into your every day work lives. It’s good for business.
  15. 15. ICE BREAKERS FOR TEAM BUILDING …GOOD FOR BUSINESS Presented by: Darcie Davis Top Game Gal