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  2. 2. PROPOSALTOPICNOISE POLLUTION IN URBAN CITYPROJECT TITLENOISE POLLUTION IN URBAN CITY INSTALLATION (SOUNDSCAPE)BACKGROUNDNoise pollution is unwanted or harmful sound that intrudes upon human or otherfaunal activity. Noise pollution is almost entirely human generated, whetherBy machine sources or amplified sound of human creation.AIMTo provide audience to experience the ambient of sound so they will know hownoisy we surrounding urban areas.
  3. 3. PROPOSALRESEARCHWill collect the sound in urban city. the sound collect from the mainsource of noise pollution such as vehicle, road and buildingcontraction, festival and others related to noise pollution. TheLocation is around the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.PROPOSALTo get as many information about the noise pollution such as the sourcewhere it come from, on when does it produce high level of noise which isthe main cause of noise pollution in urban city.MOTIVATIONNowadays there a lot of noise produce by the human itself so by developingThis installation project I could show and give some awareness to the userliving in the urban city to control the level of the noise pollution .DESIGN APPROACHThis is a soundscape installation which user control or mix the soundscape usingthe Mixer. Eight sound will mix by the user which come from the main source ofnoise pollution such as car, construction and others.
  4. 4. RESEARCH AND ANALYSISRESEARCH ON SOUNDSCAPE CONCEPTThe term soundscape originates from the early1970s and the work of R.Murray Schafer and hiscolleagues at the Simon Fraser University inCanada. The definition of the word soundscape isan environment of sound with emphasis on the wayit is perceived and understood by its communityand the individuals present.
  5. 5. RESEARCH AND ANALYSISRESEARCH ON THE RECORDER ZOOM H4 The H4 Handy Recorder is a handheld digital audio recorder from Zoom, featuring built-in condenser microphones in an X-Y stereo pattern, Recordings are stored on an SD card (128 MB supplied), or via a USB cable to a computer running digital audio workstation software
  6. 6. RESEARCH AND ANALYSISRESEARCH ON HOW TO CONNECT 1 Connect one end of the 1/8-inch audioTHE MIXER AND LAPTOP line to your computer "Line In" or "Audio In" jack. On many laptops, this is located directly next to the headphone or "Line Out" jack. 2 Connect the other end of the audio line (the red and white ends) to the matching jacks on the main "Audio Out" or "Line Out" channel on the mixer. If needed, use a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter on each of the RCA cable ends before connecting them to the mixer. 3 Click on the desktop icon for the audio recording software program you are using. Verify that the mixers power is turned on and at least one channel is connected to an input device, such as an instrument or microphone. Some audio programs will automatically detect the mixer. If not, click on "Recording" or "Settings" or "Preferences" and select an option for "Record" from audio in, external device or line in.
  7. 7. IDEA AND DEVELOPMENTIdea 1 Project title : Installation Noise Pollution in Urban City for installation Im thinking to collect a few soundscape of noise around the urban city such as the vehicle (car,motorbike,Lory,aircraft,etc) ,construction ,load music form the entertainment place, factory noise and so on. After sound collect, Separating the sounds into separate components using the mixer There will be 8 different ambient sounds that will allow ,Users can `mix these ambient sounds with others.Idea 2 (The backup plan)Project title : A soundscape video about noise pollution aroundurban city Noise from the selected location will be record. Video will be record as well Combination of two method and produce a soundscape with audio video ,about noise pollution in urban city
  8. 8. IDEA AND DEVELOPMENTIdea Development - Raw dataThe idea is to collect as many raw data such as the video andthe sound that record from the zoom H4.The data will upload onThis blog using the soundcloud.Strategic locationI will record the noise source from selected location which asKnow as the high level of noise pollution such as Bukit Bintang Federal highway Port Klang KLIA
  9. 9. IDEA AND DEVELOPMENTSoftwarethis is the software that I will use to create my project. Adobe Soundbooth - editing/cut/merge sound Adobe Premiere Pro- editing video Adobe After Effect- editing video Adobe Photoshop- editing still photoHardwareThe mixer will used for this project.Finding some tutorial on how to connect the mixer with laptop/pc
  10. 10. IDEA AND DEVELOPMENTSoftware testingAdobe SoundBooth Testing to combination a multiple sound and cutting the unwanted sound Testing on reducing the noise background so that what I record will be more clear. Testing the Premiere Pro to speed up the duration and combine the audio as well. Cut and increase the level of sound
  11. 11. CONTEXTUAL STUDIESGEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXTThe project soundscape.the sound itself will be record in manySpace of location with different level of sound will produce.SOCIAL CONTEXTThe noise pollution is produce by the human activity itself. SoCan concern that social context also can be a part of myProject.
  12. 12. CONTENT DEVELOPMENTMULTIMEDIA STORYBOARD 1. the set up for my project sound scape two set of speaker, one laptop, one mixer with cable wire , white fabric as a screen with one projector project from the back side of white fabric screen 2. user will come in to the space .no sound and visual will appear at the begining. 3. user have to control the mixer to play with the sound scape (noise pollution) .user can mix up the noise more than one sound.
  13. 13. CONTENT DEVELOPMENTFLOWCHART user have to stand in front the mixer user can choose from 8 different soundscape of noise pollution user can mix it visual will appear in front of the screen projection
  14. 14. CONTENT DEVELOPMENTBUDGET AND PREPARATION FORTHE PROJECT This is the current prediction of the budget to preparation the project. This budget might change regarding and changes of quantity or any unpredictable matter happening during the project.
  15. 15. CONTENT DEVELOPMENTFUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION WORKSHEETDescription: Projection (Sound – Visual) Media Elements/content: 1. Text/description: can view the instruction on the poster available to tell the user how it work and how user can mix the soundscape 2. Images/graphics: no still image will appear 3. Video: visual will appear on the screen of the projection together with the sound 4. Animation: None 5. Sound: Playing the ambient sound of noise pollution which user pick/choose/mix 6. Navigation controls and icons: None
  16. 16. CONTENT DEVELOPMENT projectorFLOOR PLAN Visual screen Cable wire connect to the speaker ,laptop and the mixer speaker mixer laptop table
  17. 17. FINAL SYNOPSISNoise pollution is unwanted or harmful sound that intrudes upon human or otherfaunal activity. Noise pollution is almost entirely human generated, whether bymachine sources or amplified sound of human creation.Noise pollution in urban city is an installation project to make the user realize hownoisy we are living surrounding the urban areas. This project is about soundscape,which user can control and mix the noise pollution sound using the mixer and whileuser changing the noise sounds the visual will appear from the projection screen.There will be eight different of soundscape that come from the main source of noisepollution such as the vehicle building construction, road construction, noise from thefactory, entertainment place and noise from the neighbor.