Indi. presentaion 2 (film scenes)


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Indi. presentaion 2 (film scenes)

  1. 1. Inspirational scenes from Films Delia Dan
  2. 2. • This is a close up shot – use for show her emotions and show what exactly she is doing (in our opening sequence we could use this when she is looking at her self in the mirror thinking of she is fat when she is not even )… Match on action ( uses Music is very effective close up shot and then a because when the phone Arial shot to show what rings everything else goes quite show that it’s a is around her) important phone call from someone who is important to her.
  3. 3. In this scene they have very poor lighting using more greenish, bluish sad colors Requiem from a DreamExtreme close up shots which inspires mebecause in our opening sequence we can alsouse a extreme close up when Malone is lookingat the poster of skinny models showing herexpression thru her eyes.
  4. 4. Long shot Close up shot Everything is moving around the girl who is in the jacket • everyone consternating on her shows that she is the main character • when she get into the scene everything goes crazy • She also changes the atmosphere by how she is acting with others. Mid shot Mid shot
  5. 5. Costumes props Mid shot of her and Music: when she is getting up to look our of the window • (The music is very calm at this moment) When she looks out of the window we have a close up/mid shot of her showing her face expression which is not very happy • (the music goes lauder and higher in violetLong shot as the woman get out of the car very sound with a sameaggressively rhythm)• (the music goes from low to high and to high to low) Girl Interrupted
  6. 6. Two shot of the girls talkingLong shot of the girlswalking in the cemeterybut they voice is still laudwe can hear them clearly (poor lighting using as it’sthe moon) Close up shot used to Devils Diary express her emotions – inspires me because I can feel the same way as her (scared).
  7. 7. Devil’s Diary In this part the girl prank the other girl show they can even have fun in the cemetery they must be happy girls and because this is the first scene of the movie show that they are the main characters.TARGET AUDIENCE This film is mostly from 15-18 and above means that this film is allowed to view 15 or older and that they should have a little mild language - Any gender -