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Ebr Draft 3


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Published in: Education
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Ebr Draft 3

  1. 1. Mission of Helix Schools ! To provide the greater Baton Rouge region with a student- centered learning place that is a pathway to successful postsecondary placement, and ultimately, to success in local industry. ! The goal of Helix Schools is to develop students who will learn continuously as our economies and communities change; preparing students for cutting edge careers in the fields of Science and Digital Media.
  2. 2. Designing Helix Schools ! The following beliefs have guided the design of Helix Schools: – all students can learn – students rise to the expectations that adults have of them – students must have a voice in determining how they learn – students have a right to expect and receive high-quality, engaging educational opportunities.
  3. 3. Alignment to EBR Vision ! schools to prepare students for: – engagement in higher education – success in local industries. ! Aligns to EBR's Vision to graduate students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become active and successful members of a dynamic learning community.
  4. 4. Alignment to Mission ! schools serve students through: – personalization – technology-infusion – project-based learning – and adult-world connections. ! This matches EBR's Mission to educate all students to their maximum potential in a caring, rigorous and safe environment.
  5. 5. Student Admissions ! open enrollment to all students th who are eligible for the 9 grade ! student admissions will be based on a lottery system ! work with all students to ensure academic success through premeditation and enrichment ! partner with EBR and neighboring districts to increase regional enrollment ! student body should reflect districts from which students are drawn
  6. 6. Serving At-Risk Students ! is our mission and mandate – engage students through personalization – ensure relevance in academic coursework ! interdisciplinary approach: – improves student academic achievement – accelerates student achievement – increases student engagement – Improves student self-esteem and self-concept – reduces student behavior issues
  7. 7. Facilities ! Initially located in the Shaw Center ! Classroom space spread over multiple locations ! Students engage in downtown industry and economy ! Supported by the Downtown Development District to negotiate future space in neighboring buildings
  8. 8. School Logistics ! we are looking forward to working with EBR to best support students ! negotiating with several vendors to provide exceptional food services ! providing transportation to students in partnership with local districts and sourcing to a third party provider ! strong support from business community and Downtown Development District
  9. 9. Innovative Partnerships ! support by BP America, bringing expertise in current and future industry to the design of the school ! strong interest by Digital Media companies including Electronic Arts to mentor students and engage students in the workplace ! partnering with regional institutions of higher learning, including Louisiana State University, Southern University, and Baton Rouge Community College