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  1. 1. Hi,<br />Please see the answers below:<br />Questions on Spec. of Social Media Newsroom<br /> <br />1.           Whom would you like to be responsible for the web-site design? Mock-ups (in *.psd formats or smth like this) will be very useful during estimate. They will allow us to prepare more exact estimate for slicing and html-makeup if these works are required.<br />Website Design can be provided either by SugarCRM or by you. It would be great if you can give us a proposal including the complete website design and a second option assuming that we deliver all necessary *.psd files. <br /> <br />2.          According to the <Social Media Newsroom v2a.pdf> document “Search:  Thenewsroom    must be fully integrated with the site search capabilities”. Could you please provide more detailed information about the current web-site search engine (specify modules and extensions that are used for this functionality)? This information will allow us to understand the exact volume of works which are required to implement full integration.   <br />We are currently using Google’s custom search engine across our website.<br /> <br />3.          Should we implement custom solution for “Share/Subscribe/Bookmark” feature or probably we should use the existing contributed modules (for example “ShareThis” etc.)?<br />Please use existing contributed modules<br /> <br />4.          As we understand the “Social Site Integration” is only implementation of possibility to add enter graphics and video which are stored on other site to the appropriate items. Is it correct? Please specify full list of the required social sites. What other sites do you plan to use except Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Flickr, Picasa?  <br />That’s right. The pictures, videos,… are hosted on the single platforms and we only need the possibility to integrate them in our website.  The platforms you mentioned are sufficient. <br /> <br />5.           What do you mean by the “Widget” term in your specification? As we understand it is a simple block within Drupal terminology. Is it correct?    <br />What I meant by widget is that it’s a set of code that can appear on the page if I “turn it one” or can disappear from the page if I “turn it off.” Each country may choose to use different pieces. If a block works in this way, great.<br /> <br /> <br />6.          Please describe in more details process of tags adding for graphic and video materials.<br />It should be possible – when a picture or video is embedded in the page – that “tags” can be defined for it. The tags are shown for example in the tag cloud or can be found over the site search. A simple field where some keywords can be placed would be sufficient. <br /> <br />7.          Drupal provides unique URLs for nodes, images and other materials. What works should we carry out within the ‘Unique URLs’ task?<br />All blog posts should be a unique URL. Additionally, anything we host on our own server (like a graphic) should have a unique URL. <br /> <br />8.          The registration feature is already implemented on the current version of your site. Do you plan to implement the separate registration for the Newsroom section or probably you would like to extend the current registration?<br />Extend the current registration<br /> <br />9.          Company Category. Will PDF version of bio be uploaded by editors or probably it should be generated by our module on basis of the specified text information?<br />PDF is uploaded by the editor<br /> <br />10.       Company Category. There is the “Quick facts” box in the company category mockup, but there is no any information about it. Please provide more detailed information about this box. Also please provide information about the “Sugar CRM on Twitter” and “Sugar CRM on Facebook” boxes.<br />The box “quick facts” just contains static content and is similar to the box on <br /> <br />11.       All images are downloadable by default via browsers possibility. What exactly do you mean by “photos should be downloadable” and “images should be downloadable” phrases within your specification document?<br />The browser functionality would be sufficient. But probably it is possible to add a kind a picture gallery so that the single picture is opened, after clicking on it, in a kind of pop-up/overlay. <br /> <br />12.       Multimedia Category. Could you please rephrase this sentences “Administrators should be able to add additional blog and remove tabs”?<br />It should be possible that administrators add new tabs and remove tabs. It should be possible to – for example – add new tabs like a “third level navigation” and to flexible decide which content should be displayed. <br /> <br />13.       Multimedia Category. There is no any description of Data Sheets in the specification document but they are displayed in the mockup. Please provide more detailedinformation about them.<br />This is just a simple PDF file that should be downloadable<br /> <br />14.       Multimedia Category. Will this category contain information only about one single product? If this category will contain information about several products, how in this case all information will be displayed? What kind of data will be on Video,Download and new tabs that will be added by Administrator?<br />The Multimedia Category contains information to the two products “Sugar Professional” and “Sugar Enterprise”. This can be downloads, Screenshots, static content,… <br />The video tab contains videos featuring the two products. A typical video in this section could be for example “new features of Version 6” and a video player with different channels and a playlist on the right would be sufficient. <br />Maybe it is possible that an administrator could – when defining a new tab – select between different “tab option” like “video tab”, “content tab”, “download tab”,… <br /> <br />15.       What kind of data will be on new tabs (of all possible content categories) that will be added in the feature by Administrator?  Will it be only static content?<br />Not only.Please see answer Nr. 14.<br /> <br />16.       Contact category. On the appropriate mockup the tag cloud is displayed. As we understand this tag cloud includes all existing tags (tags for materials, video, graphic etc.) What should happen if a user clicks some tag that corresponds to video or images?     <br />The user should get directly to the video or picture (blog post containing the video or picture)<br /> <br />17.       Contact category. What should happen after the “Please add me to distribution list” web-form filling (mail sending, site backend management etc.)?<br />The user is put on a subscription list. The web forms as well as the functionality do come from another tool. <br /> <br />18.       News category. How many items will be displayed by default on the “Media coverage” and “Press Releases” tabs? How will be possible to view all other items?<br />About 5 to 8 items are display on the overview of each tab (header, date, short description and picture) and older articles can be accessed over an archive. When an editor defines a new post, it should be able to define after how many days the post is moved automatically to the archive. Otherwise a post is automatically archived after 30 days. To get to the archived articles, there should be a link to “More News.”<br /> <br />19.       Events Category. Please provide more detailed information about “on-demand webcasts”. They are only mentioned, but are not described. Also please specify what you mean by“micro-site” phrase.<br />The webcasts are done via web-ex or goto-meeting and have nothing to do with Drupal. On the tab is shown only static content – the registration for the webcast and the webcast itself is done with the external software. The website is only used to promote the webcasts. Micro-Site is just the registration page of web-ex orgoto-meeting and has nothing to do with Drupal and the Social Media Newsroom.<br /> <br />20.      Blog Category. According to the <Social Media Newsroom v2a.pdf> document “Individual blog tabs should include… list of contributors for this blog”. Please specify what you mean by the “contributors” term in this case. Please describe in more details their possibilities? How should list of contributors be displayed on the “Individual blog” tab?      <br />A “contributor” is the author or are the authors of a blog. For each blog it should be obvious for the user who is writing the posts. A list of contributors could be a column on the right of the page showing a picture as well as some info to each author/contributor. This could be just static content.<br /> <br />21.        Blog Category. According to the <Social Media Newsroom v2a.pdf> document “Up to 3 Twitter Modules showing one single account”. Please specify where these modules should be displayed.   <br />Twitter posts should be displayed in a “box” possibly in the right column of the page. It should be possible that for each twitter box the administrator could define, which twitter accounts should be displayed. So that it is possible to have boxes showing only one Twitter account and boxes showing multiple Twitter accounts.<br />