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Field api


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Understand Drupal 7 Field API for creating your own Field Types and Field Widgets. This is all applicable to Drupal 6 CCK fields, for the most part.

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Field api

  1. 1. The FieldAPI Trilogy @helior
  2. 2. client specifications: Site building 101 Typical config for CC info
  3. 3. site building results: This is fine.
  4. 4. database results: It’s all good.
  5. 5. Actually building a siteconfiguring more fieldsadding more components
  6. 6. holy cow that’sa lot of fields! Not proud Is something wrong?
  7. 7. concept of information An “Idea” This idea is not Drupal native customize in t wo ways: - alter - override
  8. 8. Field Types API Big kid stuff.
  9. 9. hook_field_info() label description settings instance_settings default_widget default_formatter
  10. 10. What is the difference betweenFields and Instances?
  11. 11. hook_field_schema() :: view code ::
  12. 12. Maintenance is required.hook_field_validate()hook_field_is_empty()And also....• hook_field_load()• hook_field_validate()• hook_field_presave()• hook_field_insert()• hook_field_update()• hook_field_delete()• hook_field_delete_revision()• hook_field_prepare_view()
  13. 13. But wait, theres more!hook_field_extra_fields()
  14. 14. Questions?