How technology and business is changing communication


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A look at how new changes in technology and business is changing the future of communications.

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How technology and business is changing communication

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  3. "Wecannotsolveourproblemswiththesamethinkingweusedwhenwecreatedthem."-Alberteinstein-(stolenfromthepeopleatthirdwaveberlin)@congboTHEGAP
  5. The communication industry is doing the same thing it has been doing forthe last fifty years.George Lois - advertising Paul Rand - design Bill Bernbach - public relations@congboTHEGAP
  6. what about the next fifty?@congboTHEGAP
  7. WIRED UK: If you had to list some industries right now that are in either a state of disruptive crisis or will be soon, what would they be?Journalism, certainly, and publishing, broadly.Anything supported by advertising. That allof this is being disrupted is beyond question.- Clayton Christensen, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School,Awarded the Number 1 Management Thinker in the World@congboTHEGAP
  8. Is technology changing people, or just our access to them?@congboTHEGAP
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  10. ...and technology does...Image by Moff on
  12. 1a. The Changing role of the CMO
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  16. "IN 2008 WE WERE ON BARACKOBAMA.COM,IN 2012 WE WERE EVERYWHERE"- JIM MESSINA -@congboBusinessThechangingroleofthecmo
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  19. 1b. Customer Centricity
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  21. "Customer centricity is not a new concept, but it has taken on increasing importance in todays businessenvironment, marked by the empowered consumers who want to interact with a brand on their own terms.For many organizations, the challenge lies in finding innovative ways to capture the "voice of the customer"and infuse customer insight across all business functions, from the point of sale to the call centre, inorder to create business value."- Voice of the customer, whose job is it, anyway? -SAS Institute and The Economist Intelligence Unit@congboBusinessCustomerCentricity
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  24. 1C. New demand patternsIMAGE BY MIUENSKI ON FLICKR.COM
  25. This is not the first time:"every century or so, fundamental changes in the natureof consumption create new demand patterns thatexisting enterprises cant meet."- Shoshana Zuboff, McKinsey Quarterly -[its not about you - its the market that changes, businesses can get busy or get protective]@congboBusinessNewdemandpatterns
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  31. then:whydowehavetheseshifts?@congboBusinessNewdemandpatterns
  32. Sharp increases in higher education, standards of living, social complexity, andlongevity over the past century gave rise to a new desire for individual self-determination: having control over what matters, having one’s voice heard, andhaving social connections on one’s own terms.- Shoshana Zuboff@congboBusinessNewdemandpatterns
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  34. now:whydowehavetheseshifts?@congboBusinessNewdemandpatterns
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  36. HMV and Jessops are both in administration.It’s not that people don’t want to buythings, rather .. they want more than justto buy things@congbo
  37. proof!“Whether physically or through connected technologies, shoppingis still best experienced socially”- PSFK Future of Retail report@congboBusinessNewdemandpatterns
  38. 1d. Products and business design
  39. promiseproofWhatdoesthebrandwant?Whatdoestheconsumerwant?meetingplace@congboBusinessProductsandbusinessdesign
  40. promiseproofWhatdoesthebrandwant?Whatdoestheconsumerwant?meetingplaceFrom promise to proof@congboBusinessProductsandbusinessdesign
  41. promiseproofWhatdoesthebrandwant?Whatdoestheconsumerwant?meetingplaceThe elements of communicationCULTUREKulturbygging og identitetinterntBRANDSALECreating new customersBUSINESSDEVELOPMENTServices- andproduct developmentLOYALTYEstablish and strengthenrelationsDELIVERYFRAGMENT& CATEGORIZE@congboBusinessProductsandbusinessdesign
  42. Customers are more interested in a companysintegrity and engagement than their products.- Edelman Trust Barometer -Weareseeingthatwherecompaniesmeetpeoplearethroughtheirproducts,butwheretheymeansomethingisthorughtheircommunicationthereisagapandanopportunityhere@congboBusinessProductsandbusinessdesign
  44. People, change, opportunity and choiceis [understanding]2. technologynot 1s and 0s
  45. Technology doesnt solve problems, it creates new ones.Technology invites people to change their habits and behavior - thats what it has always done. Our problems, andespecially in communications, is when we try to force new technology to solve old problems, or force it to prove its worthwhile doing stuff it cant do. or the other way around - use old technology to solve new problems - without adjusting it first.Image by Stuck in Customs on
  46. We think of technology as digital communications technology,but that is just a small - and one of the most recent forms of technology.Technology is (almost) theconsequence of all humancreation. Its all around us:bread, chairs, asphalt, shoes, pillows, coffee ...Image by Claudio.Ar on
  47. Almost everything has at one point beena technology, but what happens is thatpeople adjust, and then we redesign thetechnology to accommodate this. So thetechnology creates a new need, and thenwe redesign the technology to this need.Nobody used to sit on their sofa just staring at the wall, that issomething weve started doing after we got the TV. It used to bethe case that people could bore themselves for two minutes -now we have our mobile phones.
  48. The consequence of all new technology is change, and it is change peopleresist. Few people have anything against technology itself (that would be similarto opposing water, our lunges or outer space). What people react to is change.(And then its good to know that the old stuff always survives).Image by caste_aka_adrem on flickr.comTechnology
  49. Image by caste_aka_adrem on flickr.comWhat people, your customers, care about is change, technology is the stuff that makes change possible.Instead of opposing or embracing technology we have to understand that technology itself isnot interesting - its the change in habits and behaviors we have to study - and understand ifthe consequence of new technology brings about new opportunities or new challenges.@congboTechnology
  50. "If you have the whole world available through this box, why onearth would you sit there staring out the window inside a tunnel?"- my sister -@congboTechnology
  51. Technology is about people and change,more opportunities and choice- not 1s and 0s -Image by Tau Zero on @congboTechnology
  52. 3. the complete pictureHUMANSTECHNOLOGYBUSINESSBRAND
  53. Putting the purpose, customer promise and positioning at the center of thecompanys customer experience demands that opportunities proposed bytechnology, people or market get filtered by the brand.Image by mark knol on
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