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Signs of cargo cult


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Tips to recognize and resolve Agile cargo cult

Published in: Technology
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Signs of cargo cult

  1. 1. Dealing with process legacy-- @AgileHelen
  2. 2. Signs of cargo cult image: ryan caron king / wnpr Helen Snitkovsky @AgileHelen
  3. 3. Sign #1: Belief that one framework fits all Consider: fit for purpose Dealing with process legacy-- @AgileHelen
  4. 4. Signs of Cargo Cult-- @AgileHelen Sign #2: Walls as décor element Consider: walls as living document
  5. 5. Signs of Cargo Cult-- @AgileHelen Sign #3: All meetings are stand ups Consider: traditional meetings where appropriate
  6. 6. Signs of Cargo Cult-- @AgileHelen Sign #4: Improvements not measured (metrics are so old school)! Consider: Lean metrics
  7. 7. Signs of Cargo Cult-- @AgileHelen Sign #5: Adopting Gartner “best practices” Consider: Try – Inspect - Adapt
  8. 8. Dealing with process legacy-- @AgileHelen “We’ve just always done it that way, and it works.” “When we did it that way, everyone agreed it worked much better.” “If we do it that way, we’ll get this result.”