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How to kill a stand up


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LAST2016 conference talk on implementing stand ups and making it work for your team

Published in: Technology
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How to kill a stand up

  1. 1. How to Kill a stand up -- @AgileHelen
  2. 2. Helen Snitkovsky @AgileHelen image: optimus one HOW TO KILL A STAND UP
  3. 3. The Stand up in a nutshell WHAT? Yesterday – Today – Blockers RULES? Time, people, interruptions, committed BENEFITS? Fewer meetings, more collaboration, transparency and trust
  4. 4. The Quest All characters and other entities appearing in this presentation are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or other real-life entities is purely coincidental. Meet Tom. Tom is on a quest to establish the perfect stand up. He has to get through levels by neutralising impeders and removing obstacles.
  5. 5. image: unwritten digital HOW TO PASS THIS LEVEL Experiment with stand ups "We can always change it later" Level 1: The Startup CHALLENGES Small close-knit team. Anxious yet overconfident. “we always talk to each other” (about game of thrones and stuff)
  6. 6. Level 2: The Corporate Project HOW TO PASS THIS LEVEL Calm the customer down Transform the status person Remove the micromanager CHALLENGES Multiple stakeholders. Big teams. Impeders: micromanager, anxious customer, status report person
  7. 7. Level 3: Loosely coupled team CHALLENGES Different goals. Large programs. Impeders: no common goal, longer feedback cycles HOW TO PASS THIS LEVEL Find common goal Transform the stand up Kill off the stand up BONUS POINTS
  8. 8. Helen Snitkovsky @AgileHelen questions?thanks.