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Transformational masterclasses


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Virtual masterclasses for coaches, executives and leaders - and for HR, L&D & OD professionals building a coaching culture in their organisation. Five topic streams with 50 hours of virtual programmes accredited by the International Coach Federation

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Transformational masterclasses

  1. 1. Transformational Master classes for business, leadership & coaching excellence
  2. 2. 55 hours annually- five streams 26 ICF Core + 29 Other learning hours 1. Live leadership Coaching and Ethics (10 hrs.) 2. Transformational Coaching Tools (10) 3. Leadership Book Club (10) 4. Business Building (15) 5. Group Mentor Coaching & Supervision (10)
  3. 3. What people say "I have found the master classes really helpful as a way of continuing to build my coaching knowledge and skills in a supportive environment. We get useful input from the class leaders with new models and latest thinking. We also get to discuss challenges we’re facing with other talented coaches. …it gives me a fresh perspective and keeps me learning." Lindsay Heath Lindsay Heath Consulting
  4. 4. Key Features & Benefits • Convenient & easy: telephone and web- based • 5 streams to choose from • Local landline dial-in – wherever you are • Monthly – except for December and August • Affordable: join for - – One call – One series – Or the annual programme • Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  5. 5. Explore the latest thinking in business, leadership & coaching • Leadership Development • Talent Management • Employee Engagement • Coaching, professional practice & business skills • Choose topics that interest you + Member-only resources
  6. 6. Experience what we mean by Transformational Leadership Coaching • Understand distinctions between 'transactional' and 'transformational' coaching • Go beyond performance coaching • Develop peoples’ leadership capacity
  7. 7. For Leaders & Managers • Grow your capabilities as a leader • Apply your coaching skills in the workplace • Work towards a coaching qualification
  8. 8. For OD, HR & L&D Professionals • Build your internal coaching capabilities • Support your Coaches’ growth and development • Create a path towards an internationally- recognised coaching qualification
  9. 9. For Coaches achieve or renew your ICF accreditation • For Coaches and Mentors supporting others to be successful leaders and managers • For Coach-Training Students – enrolled at any level in the Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme
  10. 10. 1. Live leadership coaching & ethics • Confidential environment – Follow a live coaching programme through six sessions – Explore advanced coaching approaches and techniques • Ethics – Business, Professional and Coaching ethics based on the ICF framework – Suitable for Internal Corporate Coaching Communities
  11. 11. 2. Transformational Coaching Tools • Explore the world of psychometrics, their use as assessment tools and their relationship to coaching • Improve your own public and coaching presence with tips and techniques from Master Coach, Cat Williford MCC • Discover new skills and tools with the accredited leadership coaching model
  12. 12. 3. Leadership Book Club • Put your questions to the authors • Explore the latest thinking on leadership and coaching with our 'book of the month‘ • Consider its impact on the way we coach • Explore its contribution to the field of leadership • Access the recordings library
  13. 13. 4. Business Building • Build your coaching services practice successfully • Find out what works in your target market • Avoid expensive and time- wasting pitfalls • Practical and ethical business building
  14. 14. 5. Group Coach Mentoring & Supervision • Maximum class size 10 • Bring your coaching-related issues • Discuss in a confidential environment • Led by Senior Professional Coaches
  15. 15. Join us today!