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What are Community First Funds?


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An outline of Community First Funds and their benefits including the opportunity to secure 50% match funding from government.

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What are Community First Funds?

  1. 1. What Are Community First Funds? Community First Funds are endowment funds set up by individual people and companiesor groups of individuals and companies who want to make their charitable donations go further and who want to support their community and the local causes they care about. Why Choose An Endowment Fund? You make a donation with a difference You can give as much or as little as you want, there’s no upper limit You can pool resources to create an area specific fund You can create your own personal or family fund You provide an income for your local community year after year after year You have an asset to pass down to the next generation You create a lasting benefit for Cheshire people and communities You’re involved in deciding how, where and when your charitable funds are spent You can rest assured that Cheshire Community Foundation Trustees will always look after your Fund You get quarterly income to distribute and any capital gains annually as well Until March 2015 you get an uplift on your donation of 50% at no extra cost to you How Does It Work? You make one initial donation which is invested in perpetuity in either a combined fund for Cheshire, your own named fund, or an area specific fundwhich allows you to make Grants year in, year out to local good causes. The Funds are invested on your behalf through Cheshire Community Foundation by CCLA Investment Management, chosen for its solid investment track record in the charity sector. You can top up the fund at any time in the future or fundraise to add money to the fund. It's simple for Companies and Eligible Private Charitable Trusts £100k Donation £50k match funding £142.5k Community First Fund Delivering Grant funds every year It’s simple for Individuals £100k Donation £50k Match Funding £22.5k Gift Aid £31.25k Tax Relief £68.75K Cost to Donor £165k Community First Fund If you would like more information on setting up a fund or the Government’s Community First Endowment Match Challenge please contact Helen O’Donnell, CEO at: *Community First donations are subject to a 5% set up fee. Gift Aid, as income, is subject to CCF’s standard 10% fee on income.