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Why Marketing Doesn't Work


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Special Marketing Tips Sheet for BPMA members

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Why Marketing Doesn't Work

  1. 1. Why Marketing Doesn’t Work 5 common problems and “quick” fixesHave you ever done a promotional mailing and been really disappointed with the response? Haveyou been to a trade show, worked hard all day, had great conversations, sent out loads of quotesand were sure you were on to a winner – and it just flopped? Are you doing lots of “marketing” andstill struggling to bring in new business and close sales?When this happens most people are baffled. After all you’ve got a great range of products, offergreat deals and have spent ages working on your marketing, so how come you’re not getting theresults. You know that effective marketing is at the heart of most successful companies – after allthat’s the business you’re in. You advise your customers where to spend some of their marketingmonies….and yet you can’t seem to get it right for yourself!Here are a few common marketing problems and simple ways to fix them - you’ll soon get yourbusiness buzzing:Problem #1. We’ve got a great range of products…..but we’re not getting the results.You know your market well – you’ve done your research, know the best suppliers, can spot thelatest trends, offer competitive prices and deliver great service. So what’s going wrong?Quick Fix: The key is to switch your focus to your customer. Don’t swamp them with a catalogue offantastic products or baffle them with 20 variations of jotter pads. Instead pinpoint that oneproduct that will really work for them. Explain how it will grab their customers’ attention, how itwill make their customers feel when they get one. Show them how they’ll increase their brandawareness and get their customers talking. Your customers don’t want to know how great you are,they want to know how they great you can make them. Spell out the benefit to THEM.Problem #2. It’s a BIG market – we just seem to keep missing it.Merchandising is BIG business – an estimated £750m a year. But it’s all too easy to fall into thetrap of trying to be everything to everyone. Not only is that ineffective, but costly too.Quick Fix: Find your niche, focus on that narrow segment of the market – that gap that only youcan fill. Concentrate your effort to be one in a million, not one of a million. Identify your idealcustomer, aim at them and you’ll soon achieve success – a scatter-gun approach will only get a fewcustomers by chance. Remember the Chinese saying, “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”Problem #3. Our marketing looks and sounds like everyone else.Is your website a catalogue of promotional items, categorised by product type? Do you promiselowest prices, quick-fast quotes, guaranteed delivery dates, personalised service? Maybe you havegot something different, an edge over your competitors - but your marketing doesn’t communicatethat, and you sound like all the others.Quick Fix: Look for a benefit that only you provide, or a problem only you can solve. Focus on yourideal customer – what are the biggest problems that you can solve for them? How can you showthem or demonstrate your expertise? The more you focus on that, the more it will sink in. Don’t Visit for even more hints and tips and other great marketing resources
  2. 2. try and confuse them with everything about your business, your product range or your service.Focus their attention on what is important to them.Problem #4. We’re really busy ….but it doesn’t produce results.You’re doing lots of marketing all the time – website, brochures, mailings, trade shows, Facebookand Twitter, email marketing and so on – but nothing is producing results. It’s costing a lot of timeand money and you really wonder if it’s worthwhile.Quick Fix: Being busy is not enough – your activity needs to be purposeful and productive. Allsuccessful marketers have a plan; they don’t just do something because it ‘sounds like a good idea’or they were ‘offered a great deal’. If you plan your marketing then you know who you aretargeting, what you are going to say to them and can establish the best way to connect with them.By following your plan, your marketing will be more focused, more cost-effective and will producethe results you want.Problem #5. We don’t know what works and what doesn’t.You’ve done lots of activity and something somewhere is working, but you just don’t know what.You don’t measure or evaluate any of your marketing activity, so you just can’t tell.Quick Fix: Marketing is about generating profitable income, so it is a serious business. Allmarketing activity should be accountable and monitoring and measuring techniques should be partof the planning of any activity. Keep track of the responses you get from your exhibitions, emailblasts, direct mail shots, telephone enquiries, social media activity…...every part of your marketingactivity can be measured. Undertake formal and informal research to establish what yourcustomers think about you, where they have heard about you, why they respond to one type ofcommunication against another. Use this information to plan your future campaigns and focus youractivity even more tightly.Marketing does work and can produce exceptional results for your business. Remember things taketime, don’t expect overnight success with just one email campaign and a few tweets. Plan youractivity, get to know your customers, focus your attention on what is important to them and youwill see the results. Don’t give up – just reassess what you are doing and try again.SPECIAL OFFER: For BPMA members ONLY - FREE 30-minute telephone marketing review.Do you want a second opinion or some fresh marketing input? Email me today to book your FREEmarketing review.Just 10 spaces available, so first-come, first-served. Offer closes 23 November 2012. Email now! Visit for even more hints and tips and other great marketing resources ©2012 H M Marketing Ltd Tel: 01656 773645 Email: View my LinkedIn profile: Follow me on Twitter: Visit me on Facebook: