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Social Media - Let's Party


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Overwhelmed by Social Media? Don't know where to start? Here's one way to figure out what it's all about. Hope it helps!

Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Social Media - Let's Party

  1. 1. Social Media: Let’s Party Helen Murdoch
  2. 2. Business Networking • Make your mark in a new • Recruit a supplier or role associate • Seek out experts and get • Meet prospective new advice clients • Learn new ideas, industry • Tell people about your tips, insider trends business • Maintain existing contacts • Enjoy the thrill of winning • Meet new folk with similar new business goals • Have fun!Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  3. 3. Business Networking Traditional Networking Online NetworkingSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  5. 5. SOCIALSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  6. 6. - The Birthday Party Conversations go back and forth, round and round Catch up on old times Family and Friends Share what’s new in your world Always a familiar face Maybe some Give your opinions long lost friends Keep up Announce your ..and everyone can Keep track latest news bring a guest Keep in touch Bring a giftSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  7. 7. - The Disco or Night Club Lots of talk Lots of people Conversation is LOUD …some you know, …some you Topics change quickly don’t It can be hard to get a word in But you all know Is anyone listening to you? someone who knows someone Meet new people Find out What’s Hot It’s fun and What’s Not Connect with friends It’s exhilarating It’s fast-moving Get the latest dance moves Discover the latest bands Get in with the ‘in-crowd’Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  8. 8. - The Dinner Party Conversation starts slowly It’s formal, but friendly Asking and answering questions You had an invitation Sounding each other out Catching up It’s ‘proper’ … and manners count Different groups engage in different conversations You don’t know everyone You may find an expert or two …but you’ve all got something in common Connect with like-minded people Bounce ideas around Share your expertise Widen your circleSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  9. 9. - Drinks in the Pub Local – wherever you are Where are we meeting? Friends, mates, acquaintances Have you been to….? Shall we try….? What’s ….. like? What are you up to now? What’s going on? Did you know….. Hey, look who’s over there! I’ve been here 1, 2, 3, 4 times ….lots of times It’s my birthday, join me for free drinks at….Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  10. 10. (or ) - A Night-in with Friends Unlimited TV channels Share your videos (or your photos) Create your own channel All your favourites ….and so much more Get reviews Sharing Choose your topic and Informing watch a video Enlightening Thumbs up or Thumbs down Entertaining Tips and Training You decide Options and Opinions How-tos and Demos Spoofs and SpectacularsSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  11. 11. – Open House Show off … your trophies, awards, achievements Just call in, I’d love to see you Share … your news, events, ideas Mostly family and friends…but Put on … everyone’s invited your best show “This is me” - spread the word Take us as you find us Tell me what YOU think ….but I did clean up first! Made for sharing A peep behind the scenes Informative, entertaining, fun Inspires conversation Encourages actionSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing: Are you ready to party? • How to decide what’s best for you • …and most likely to get results for you • How social media integrates it into your overall marketingSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  13. 13. Before the party • Choose the right one(s) • Who’s going to be there? • Be clear about why you’d choose to go • Check the dress code • Find out where is it – and get directionsSocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  14. 14. At the party • Listen first and mingle • Make a good impression : Act naturally • It’s not all about you! • Check out the food, the drink, the music, the conversation…. • Play nice and share • Don’t drink too much!Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  15. 15. After the party • Say ‘thank-you’ • Offer to help with the clear-up • Call if you said you’d call • Invite them back to your partySocial Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party • It’s all about people • The party goes on…with or without you • It’s continually changing, evolving • Everyone chooses to be at the party • It’s all ‘in public’ • It doesn’t happen on its own • It doesn’t happen overnight Come to the Party!Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party
  17. 17. Let’s party… • What are you doing on social media? • Tell me your biggest challenge – • Let’s connect….. – – +44 1656 773645Social Media Marketing: Let’s Party