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Tackling Health Inequalities and Digital Exclusion


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As more and more health information and health services go online it is important to focus on making sure people who suffer from health inequalities, and who are also digitally excluded, don't get left behind. With a £1m programme from NHS Englamd, we're at the start of a programme to join the dots.

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Tackling Health Inequalities and Digital Exclusion

  1. 1. Tinder Foundation, Health and Digital Inclusion Helen Milner, 22 January 2014 @helenmilner Tinder Foundation makes these good things happen:
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Goal is to create independent and confident internet users Not about broadband infrastructure Not about one-off usage
  4. 4. 1m+ people with new basic digital skills * UK online centres: April 2010 – July 2012 20 January 2014:
  5. 5. Local is familiar, nearby, where help is on hand
  6. 6. Digital People learning how to use it and using technology to make change happen Optimise d for mobil e learning
  7. 7. Scale of Impact (April 2013 – March 2014) er tn ar s l p er ca nte rlo lu pe vo hy 0 0 ,00 00 25 5, s * UJM = Universal Job Match * CHT = Community How To * ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages
  8. 8. Local + Digital + Scale
  9. 9. A significant increase in the use of technology to help people to manage their own health and care An NHS for everyone regardless of income, gender, location, age, ethnicity or any other characteristic NHS England Mandate, 2013
  10. 10. Digitally excluded make most use of NHS & experience greatest health inequality 1 in 6 people are over 65. People over 65 account for more than half of all NHS spend 1 in 4 people have a long term condition or disability. Long term conditions account for 70% of all NHS spend. People with LTCs & disabilities are 3 times more likely never to have used the internet than those without disabilities.
  11. 11. NHS England Widening Participation • NHS England have procured Tinder Foundation to increase access to health online services, and: – engage 100,000 people – Train 50,000 people – Test innovative approaches bringing health care and digital together
  12. 12. The T ols o ces r ou es &R Dig ital Hea lth N etw o rk
  13. 13. Inspired by real people Ruma’s story “By doing this course I learnt many new things on the computer including NHS Choices website… I do exercises at home that I learnt from the website. I have started giving healthy food to my children”. A learner and now a volunteer at Bromley by Bow Health Centre
  14. 14. NHS England Widening Participation Network Map
  15. 15. Digital Health Centres • 174 centres across the country in community venues, libraries and other public places: – – – – Helping people develop digital skills and confidence Introducing them to relevant content on NHS Choices Helping them search for health information & services Forming partnerships with Health providers locally
  16. 16. Digital Health Events • 211 organisations running events • Bletchley Centre, Milton Keynes – Working with local GP & Dental Practice – Laptops & Tablets in waiting rooms – Working with GPs, Dentists and Nurses – Running follow up sessions customising NHS Choice home page – Running Fit to Work initiative
  17. 17. 15 Digital Health Flagships Trial and test innovative approaches for example: – Partnership working: Southampton Libraries with McMillian Cancer Care – Technology innovation: Breezie, a very simple and highly personalised tablet interface with NHS “App” – Links between UK online centres & Health Practitioners: Cook e-Learning working with University Hospital of Leicester on Diabetes Education Programme
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Marketing Campaigns • Let’s get Digital for Get online week (October 2013) • Start Something Online (February 2014)
  20. 20. Digital Health Champions (Free Volunteer Training)
  21. 21. NHS Practitioners , ,Partners, Media NHS Practitioners Partners, Media Scale Scale Seed Seed Discove Discove rr Volunteer Digital Volunteer Digital Champions Champions UK online centres network (5,000) Health Health Hubs Hubs (22) (22) Health Health Centres Centres (152) (152) 7.1 million offline 7.1 million offline adults adults 100,000 100,000 Health Health Events Events (211) (211) socially & socially & digitally digitally excluded excluded people people reached reached 50,000 50,000 people people trained trained increasing increasing digital & digital & health health literacy literacy Health Health Flagship Flagship ss(15) (15) Health marketing and Health marketing and toolkit toolkit Training Training Health Portal Health Portal Digital Health Support Resources Digital Health Support Resources Health Course Health Course
  22. 22. Digital for a better future Digital Exclusion: poverty, lack of opportunity, inefficiencies, frustrations, under employment, health inequalities, no-go communities, a divided nation Digital Growth: high employment, decent jobs, decent wages, prevention of poor health and crime, successful businesses, excellent education, fulfilled people, a digital nation
  23. 23. People make this happen Digital is just the tool we use
  24. 24. Thank You @helenmilner Tinder Foundation makes these good things happen: