Digital Inclusion - The Big Picture (4 December 2013)


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My presentation at Digital Evolution Making Good Things Happen conference in St Paul's London. Tinder Foundation's conference on digital inclusion in the UK and working with hyperlocal partners who help socially and digitally excluded people to learn basic online skills.

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  • We were two years old on 1 December 2013
  • Thank you to all the local centres and partners who make good things happen
  • Digital Inclusion - The Big Picture (4 December 2013)

    1. 1. Digital Inclusion: The Big Picture Helen Milner @helenmilner 4 December 2013 - #digievolution13 Tinder Foundation makes these good things happen:
    2. 2. as with b le 0 peop ,00 er 325 Ov ills in e s k ic onl 1 Dec 2011 – 1 Dec 2013 Funding from 4 Governm ent Departments Commun ity How T embers m o 1,750 - over rs Hub luntee ousing 0 vo DigiH 20 25,00 ver les to go odu portin six m m sup ay fro twork yW A ne arn M Le Changed our name to Tinde r Foundation Six local and national promotional campaigns s, entre c 5,000 g of - map y’re doin ite webs what the es centr ers and e onlin t learn UK New ata abou Online Basics qualification launched & 2000+ passes eat d r
    3. 3. Goal is to create independent and confident internet users Not about broadband infrastructure Not about one-off usage
    4. 4. Local + Digital + Scale
    5. 5. Local is familiar, nearby, where help is on hand
    6. 6. Digital People learning how to use it and using technology to help change to happen Optimise d for mobil e learning
    7. 7. Scale of Impact (April 2013 – March 2014) s er tn ar s l p er ca nte rl o l u pe vo hy 0 0 ,00 00 25 5, * UJM = Universal Job Match * CHT = Community How To * ESOL = English for Speakers of Overseas Languages
    8. 8. People make this happen Digital is just the tool we use
    9. 9. PEOPLE make good things happen People becoming a volunteer when he’s 93 years old as his mates aren’t getting the benefits of the web sers rnet u inte fident ork con oming n the netw c eer 00 be teers i volunt 75,0 nto volun ers going o 25,000 ll learn fa 12% o
    10. 10. PEOPLE make good things happen People helping job seekers to look for work online when they’ve not had a job for 10 years sers rnet u tch t inte nfiden sal Job Ma co oming e Univer bec us 5,000 7 ed to help 5,000 3
    11. 11. PEOPLE make good things happen People helping patients to use digital in the ward and take it home with them ation nform es lt h i al hea th resourc igit ed in d nline heal gag ple en d to use o peo aine 0,000 10 ople tr pe 50,000
    12. 12. Digital for a better future Digital Exclusion: poverty, lack of opportunity, inefficiencies, frustrations, under employment, health inequalities, no-go communities, a divided nation Digital Growth: high employment, decent jobs, decent wages, prevention of poor health and crime, successful businesses, excellent education, fulfilled people, a digital nation
    13. 13. People make this happen Digital is just the tool we use
    14. 14. Thank You @helenmilner on twitter