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Repaso nivel intermedio


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Repaso nivel intermedio

  1. 1. REPASO NIVEL INTERMEDIO Exercise 1 1. has just landed 2. aren’t made 3. was cooking 4. met 5. don’t arrive 6. cleaning 7. to be 8. are meeting 9. he’s having 10. see Exercise 2 1. The man, who robbed a bank, has been sent to prison 2. We’ve bought the car which/that has air-conditioning 3. The man, who phoned me yesterday, was a police officer 4. She stayed in a hotel that I recommended it 5. The computer that they bought isn’t powerful enough. 6. I went to the restaurant which has a fixed price menu 7. The mountains that we saw were covered in snow 8. They’re removing the tree that/which fell on my house tomorrow 9. We went to the film that you told us about 10. He wants the house, which has three bedrooms. Exercise 3 1. If they weren’t afraid of flying, they would go abroad 2. If I didn’t feel embarrassed, I would know what to say 3. If Peter didn’t eat too much, he wouldn’t be overweight 4. If Sarah studied hard, wouldn’t hate school 5. If I spoke Japanese, I could translate this Exercise 4 1. depressing 2. annoyed 3. relaxing 4. embarrassing
  2. 2. 5. exciting 6. interesting Exercise 5 1. to 2. switching off 3. look after 4. to go 5. cooking 6. to study Exercise 6 Wear Get lost Make mistakes Do exercise Lend Earn Exercise 7 1. went 2. have never seen 3. won 4. was 5. have been Exercise 8 1. to 2. in 3. to 4. from/to 5. in 6. to
  3. 3. 7. at 8. in Exercise 9 1. the red wine was too cold 2. …it wasn’t hot enough 3. there wasn’t enough bread 4. the bill was too expensive 5. we didn’t have enough money to pay Exercise 10 1. French and English is spoken here 2. The car was repaired last week 3. In Germany the best cakes are made 4. Computer games are sold in bookshops now 5. The article was written by the reporter in a hotel in Croatia 6. The aeroplane engines are built in Chicago 7. The bank was robbed in our town last week 8. New trees in the parks were painted Exercise 11 1. make the bed 2. do your best 3. do your homework 4. make a lot of noise 5. make a suggestion